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    Crazy Golf Clubs

    by , 03-04-2021 at 07:02 AM (113 Views)
    Non lucid at first. A beautiful day on a golf course, vivid imagery. Tammi is there and I am talking to her about golf while we have to wait for others to play. When it is my turn a weird scene happens where every club I pull out is wrong in a silly way. The driver has a very large meat tenderizer for its head. I go to swing and someone runs in front of me jokingly acting like they were going before me. I noticed a ball stuck to the side of a tree where no one would have hit it. I see a guy on a green nearby through out a thing that folds out and is like the track for hot wheels and he tapps his ball onto the ramp and raises his end to get the ball in. My alarm interupted the dream here.

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