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    Crystal Growing Advanced Task

    by , 08-31-2013 at 07:33 PM (523 Views)
    08/30/13 This is a long sequence of DILD experiences, and I think perhaps at least 3 seperate DILDs were involved. I am at work and have no time to DJ, so I will just list a few funny highlights, until I get to the 'Advanced Task' parts.

    -at a party. Someone says 'snorting gun powder will put hair on your chest.' BANG from out side. Crowd goes and Shawn has done it. Looks like cartoon powder burns (coyote) and he is strong and covered with body hair. The Scotts at the party love it.

    -At same party. I am naked except for an apron. Hot woman sitting on my lap, and one jokingly peaking under apron.

    -Beavers/gophers cause land slides to get revenge. Watch passive as this is narrated.

    -cartoon sequence were everything looked kind of like I was in a Simpson's episode. I sang a song about how the world had become a cartoon dream.

    -flashing back and forth between my real life hotel room and a dream hotel. In one case a spy was in the room saying he had drugged me. I was lucid, so I just casually had a fun fight scene. Me vs. spies.

    That is enough of the highlights from a long LD/ Lds leading up to the Advanced Task portion....

    At some point perhaps 20-40 minutes into my LDing, after all the stuff above, I was feeling very, very lucid and everything was in high def. I thought about goals or tasks. The TOTM stuff for Sept. was not out yet, and I turned to my thread on 'Advanced Tasks." I wanted to try the crystal growing task Melanie had suggested. I also had previously decided to make it harder, by growing at least 3 differnet forms of crystal, one in each primary color. I had also considered attempting to keep 3 types in my visual field while working on them, but this was not required too call it a sucess.

    I went back to the hotel room that had been in so many of the earier parts of the dream, and found my wife in there. I explained the nature of the task to her. She seemed interested in watching and took a seat at the small hotel table.

    I sat at the table and the first attempt I just looked at my hand and pictured what I wanted. A stick like blue thing started to grow, it became encrusted in what looked like salt crystals, and grew to about 6 inches long. My wife haded me a flower pot for the next one, so I could leave them standing up right.

    The next one was in scarlet red, and grew the same way. I was happy so far, but the crystals did not look like a new form, just a new color. I kept working on the same one and morphed it into clear little green crystals that were cube shaped like lead crystals.

    I next grew one that was big and fluffy and looked like ice crystals about like a snow cone. I noticed it was green and shifted it to yellow. This looked very vivid as a wave of color replaced the old color, about like it looks when they flavor snow cones.

    So far these crystals were all little and not as distinctly different as I would like. I decided to narrow my focus and get a close up of the growing crystals. I went over close to a light and narrowed my vision, kind of like a zoom in feature. By focusing in close I created little tourmaline crystals in a citrine yellow. They just grew in my hand.

    At this point my wife called my attention away from the zoomed in prespective. She said, "look, the things you grew in the pots have purple crystals." I looked at what she was pointing at and one of the crystal sticks had a flower like thing on the end of it. I looked closer and it was a broach.

    The broach had not been grown by me while I watched, and was a new creation of my imagination. I knew it would not count toward my task if I did not grow the crystals. I looked at it and at first it was blank, so I decided to 'sprout' finished gemstones out of the surface of the broach. A couple amethysts in a classic cut bloomed out and thena few more in yellow.

    This brought a new line of thinking to me. I had basically completed the task, but growing complete peices of jewelry with cut gems sounded fun. First I caused a fancy hair pin to bloom out of my wifes hair. Then I took a close look at it and cause 8 gems to grow, which I carefully caused to form 5 sided fancy cut blue saphires.

    I then looked at an amulet my wife held out from her neck and caused a tear drop shaped amethyst to grow from the middle. On closer inspection it was smooth and not faceted. I changed it, causing it to morph into a nicely caceted 8 sided gem.

    Having had such luck with growing crystals in various shapes and colors, I wanted to attempt it while keeping the three in my feild of vision. I went to the table and quickly grew the small stick like things covered in crystals. I found out that the same problem happened as may be expected in real life. Focusing on the second and third was hard to do while maintaining vision of the first. I did grow all three in my field of vision in 3 colors, but the detail faded and I decioded this was not going to work well, so I called it good.

    At this point or shortly there after my alarm went off. I shook my phone to cause a 15 miute snooze and attempted a DEILD. This worked and will be my next DJ entry. Dur ~? very long, perhaps an hour or so.
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      That sounds like a fun dream task.