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    Dare: Gettin Neked: Lucid all night

    by , 02-15-2015 at 05:04 AM (518 Views)
    02/11/15 I had a great night of lucidity that lasted maybe 2 hours. I did not bother to get up and journal it, so much of it is reduced to the standard stuff like flying, climbing buildings and so on.

    The part that has to do with the dare is in the middle. I wandered around inside a building I had been climbing. The inside had open lobby sections with winding stairs and I went into one of the suites. As I looked around the room became more and more like the inside of a luxury motor coach. I went out through the cock pit door and was out on a patio area of a resort.

    I saw a female DC and was surprised that she looked just like Angelina Joeli. Cool. I walked up to the DC and she looked up and made eye contact. A very well rendered DC, indeed. I reached out and placed my hand on one of her breasts. She looks shocked and goes, "What the hell do you think you are doing?!"

    I give her a winning smile and respond, "Feeling you up of course. This is a dream and you are hot, so it seems the thing to do.'
    She looks like this was a reasonable explanation so I try something funny. I reach down and in a move like male strippers I yank off all my cloths in one move and smile.

    She steps back and goes, "Oh my God."

    I point back over my shoulder and say, "were going skinny dipping, come on!" I turn around and there is a pool. I dive in and look back. She climbs in but is in a bikini. I dive under and swim up to her. We play a while and end up have a brief sexual thing but casual and not for long.

    Soon it has turned into a giant hot tub and many of my friends from my twenties are their. The female DC is still with me like a girlfriend and stays with me for perhaps a half hour. We all were suddenly on a bus and someone else was driving. I watched the terrain and flirted with the DC. I noticed it was showing areas around here as we pulled off the highway. There were giant taro plants growing in the ditches. We all got out on a property that was a garden.

    After that the DCs were gone and I wondered up the rural street to do other random things.
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      I think the Incubus award went to the wrong person . Grabbin' AJ's boobie and hanging out for half an hour with her, lucid: priceless.
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