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    Cities in the Astral

    Dream Police

    by , 04-24-2019 at 03:46 AM (104 Views)
    04/22/19 Very eventful night. Had been screwing around lucid for many small adventures when things got intense. I was out flying around and saw the coast off in the distance. Tried flying ultra sonic in a superman pose. Got the scene zipping by. Making progress on my jet speed while maintaining scenery (not simulating by blurring) and flew past the statue of liberty and out over the ocean. Came upon a weird fortress on a rock that rose out of the sea. Things shifted and I became aware that the dream now seemed to have a feel of astral travel. Interesting. I float around examining and land on a ledge finding my way inside. Explore halls and it first seems like a medical building. I try to avoid detection, but eventually there are too many entities and I can not go un-noticed. I now see this more as some kind of mall or something. I try to influence the actions of a couple people sitting at a table, but it makes them unhappy. This is unclear if i am in an astral zone or alone in my mind. Normally I can control DCs flawlessly. I wander around and approach an attractive female who freaks out and yells for me to get away from her. She is basically calling for help. Oh shit. It does seem I am no longer in my head and the entity is frightened. I go back out to the exterior of the building and float around to the other side. I go back in to an open area like a car garage or something. I see weird tree like formations and while examining it meet a weird weasel looking creature. I pick it up and carry it inside. There is a giant koi pond like thing. I wonder if the weasel would eat a fish. I use TK to catch out a fish, but the weasel has left. I realize I have entities trying to surround me and they look unhappy. I try to evade them but end up cornered. I can not phase away and they take me to an office lie space. I am being scolded for showing up in their peaceful area and acting like a jack ass. I realize the woman who called for help felt I was being a creepy perv and only after awaking figure catching a fish and leaving on the ground probably did not help. I have a calm conversation with them trying to defend myself. I explain that as I am not an astral being, I only reach their areas while my body is asleep. I explain that while in this state I do not have the best judgement. I clearly do not make fully thought out judgments almost as if I am drunken. I express I do not want to end up band for good from this zone, but can see that I have often made a horrible freak out of myself. I also express that I have trouble with telling the transition from my dreams to places like this. I can touch women in my own dreams, and will as I am a male ape. It is not intentional so much as instinctual and the seeming intoxication or limited faculties I posses in this state make it difficult. I would never sexually assault a conscious living being on purpose. The main guy actually gives me an instructive lecture on how I can tell an entity from a dc. It does not translate well and comes across something like "see this person and the fine detail in their appearance? Notice this, notice that. Now look at this person, see how such and such. You must learn to be aware at once when you have transitioned to this place. We can not have you assault any more people. In the future I recommend you ask permission from any person you see before touching them or doing anything to them. This should be a policy even when you are in your own mind." I am taken to a location outside of the building when I realize a much more aggressive group of people is coming. I am instantly afraid it is some sort of police or military and that they will remove all my powers and incarcerate me as has happened twice in the past. I ask how I can get away and am told not to. I take off from the guys before the authorities can grab me. I can not change the scene or anything like waking up. I fly along the ground away from them. Soon there are people coming from in front of me also. I take to the sky, but dense clouds push in my way and seem solid. I use huge energy blasts to get through. Before long I am tired and realize I have not got anywhere. I am just outside the building where I began running. I head inside and around a corner. I am surrounded but duck inside what looks like a storage closet and hope they will miss me. At this point my alarm goes off and I am able to wake. I calm myself, and push the snooze button. I try to picture a new scene, but reappear in the storage room and am already in custody. I manage to force myself awake. I really was afraid that I would now spend weeks in a lock up like the first time, going there every time I fell asleep with no access to dream control powers. The next night I was free and was back in the astral environment. It seems I had not actually done much to get in trouble and got off with a warning, this time.

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