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    Cities in the Astral

    Ghost Adventure Non-Lucid

    by , 12-12-2021 at 10:42 PM (279 Views)
    This dream was so involved and long with a running theme. The theme was a haunted resort town and a group of people (I was a non-me DC) who had been magically trapped there. After much exploring, I figured out we needed to identify what each ghost was there for and say something to them or do something that would allow them to move on and rest. There was a maid ghost that every time I saw her there was a door next to her that she then caused to be hidden. there was a young boy with marbles and a ghost couple who were going to go get cocktails. We found out that there was supposed to be a cave by a beach house, but the owner said the cliff by his house was totally flat. We found where the cave had been bricked shut and then a park person came and said to stay away because it was dangerous. I figured out the boy with the marbles had either killed his friend or been killed by a big marble thrown in anger and knew I needed to tell him it was not his fault. We got a clue that we should make sure to be at a certain intersection at either sunrise or sunset to see what happens. There was a part where we tried to escape on a raft and it ended up bringing us back to the town but reset the adventure to the beginning and now, we had a better idea what to do. The dream eventually ended with no resolution. The dream was more or less non-lucid despite being so weird.
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