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    Hearing the Real World in Dream

    by , 10-10-2021 at 05:57 AM (291 Views)
    I have been trying to listen to a great set of astro-physic lectures as I go to bed as a form of meditation. Essentially the man's voice is acting as an anchor. I do not have any random thoughts as listening takes up my attention while my body relaxes deeper and deeper. The lectures keep playing through out the night.
    In two vivid dreams the sounds were incorporated into my dream. In one I was at work. We have been told not to listen to pod casts and such. Suddenly my phone is playing these lectures pretty loud from my pocket and I know everyone is looking. I don't want trouble. I apologize and try to shut it off it is quite clearly teaching about how the spectrum of light coming from a star is directly tied to the surface temp of the star. Of course everyone will think I am a nerd. Can't turn it down, can't turn it of. Put my ear upto the phone and find the sound is not coming from the phone. Lucidity- this must be a tech don't work RC, yep it is a dream. Still I hear the lecture and what is being said makes too damn much sense. It is clear and logical. That does not fit in with the dream. I realize that while fully asleep and in a dream the words are coming through very clear.
    Second time was act a big carnival where I had an adventure when some DC randomly ask me a science question and I go about explaining the shedding of a red giant stars outer layer very clearly and correctly in college level detail. Lucidity- I am just picturing myself teach the lecture I am hearing. The words I had been speaking were actually the real life lecture I had left playing.
    Neat stuff- I wonder how much I can absorb this way?

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      This is very interesting indeed. I wonder, is the dreaming mind truly capable of picking up such details word-for-word? Or do only a few key terms register, and the rest is created ad-hoc?
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