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    Hours of Lds Part 1: DILD

    by , 08-28-2013 at 07:21 PM (415 Views)
    08/27/13 Had a wonderful night full of LDs. 3 separate LDs at least, each lasting no less than 20 minutes, but perhaps more in the 60-90 minute range. I had even drank 24 oz of light beer, and it did not mess anything up. I did not really set out to LD. I do not have time to fully describe each, and actually am so pleased and satisfied, I do not want to stress much about dragging up high levels of recall (we are talking 2-3 hours total LDing) So I am just going to jot down some memorable points from each.
    The first one was a DILD and I no longer remember what triggered it. I was already having fun for a few minutes and was hanging out with a DC, when I saw my father standing outside a fish store talking with some men. I leaned against the wall and just listened and watched this highly detailed DC, as my father died about 16 months ago. A irrational thought started in my head that perhaps dad had faked his death, but I knew I was dreaming and that was silly.
    After that was a long sequence of scenes where the theme was me having super powers. I took a car in one scene and was able to fling it though the side of a building using TK and pretty much no effort other than a thought.
    This sequence ended when a stage I was standing on turned into a loud speaker playing music and swinging slowly back and forth under me. In hind sight I think my sons alarm was going off. After many random scenes of levitating and screwing around in a big city, I found myself in a familiar setting in my home town. I decided to try travelling on foot and keeping the scenery some what accurate. I set off to travel to my father's old house where we had a family business, just to see what would happen. I took big leaps over cars and streets. The trip was highly abridged, but more or less correct.
    When I got there his wife was running the business and many DCs were about. A long series of scenes took place in which I chose to passively observe. I did have a dream body, and the DCs talked directly to me, but I just wanted to see what my brain came up with.
    This LD seemed to span about an hour and had many more scenes and fun, but that is enough to record the general idea. I did suddenly awake at some point (probably from my son leaving through the front door), so I just stayed still and attempted a DEILD, which worked.

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