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    Cities in the Astral

    House Stow Aways.

    by , 11-14-2020 at 05:32 AM (98 Views)
    I am investigating something with my friend. It is unclear what we are trying to figure out. This is in my old house before the remodel. It turns out I fell someone has been in the house when I am not there. He points out to me and my family bleach residue in both showers, Somehow this is evidence. No one has used bleach in the showers. He finds a bag of some sort of pellets that must be cleaning products. I do not recognize it. My adult son says it must have been (some women's name). I find out that while I go away working my wife has had a women and her child living in my house and eating out food. I am angry. Why am I supporting strangers. Why are they hiding this? My wife gets emotional and admits she has been having an afair with the women, but emphasizes only up to a point, unlike me when I did something with some Asian women (no relation to real life.) I wake up at this point angry and confused.

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