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    Cities in the Astral

    I Did What? Astral

    by , 12-12-2020 at 04:40 AM (199 Views)
    I am in a confusing dream and my friend is asleep on the floor which seems wrong. I sense I have somehow ended up in some one else's house. I wander around and my friend wakes up and agrees we should not be here and could get in trouble. There is a woman there. and I talk to her. No of this makes sense so I decide it must be a dream. I RC by attempting TK, which works. Lucid now. I go outside to explore and he comes with me. We fly along a dark street in the rain. he says he is hungry, and I tell him to just visualize food. Up ahead is a burger restaurant. We go in (first door is locked) and he wants to order. I am suddenly thinking this feels like I have gone astral and am in one of the cities. I worry that if he orders and they serve him actual astral food he will be expected to pay with some form of actual astral wealth. I assume he has none as I certainly never have any form of currency, in fact it being made clear in the past that i do not have clothing (I just imagine I do.) I do not want to get people angry, so decide to find out if these people are real and if this is indeed a real place not just inside my head. I sit down calmly and call out into the ether asking for someone to explain where I have found myself and if there are any rules I need to know about.
    Before long someone real (entity) does approach and asks me to follow them. They take me out of the building through the back. Some other entities are out there. I can hear them talking/ thinking to each other. One is saying they are confused as to did I honestly just peacefully turn myself in? What? Am I wanted here, or something? I certainly have screwed up and run amuck in many more than one area of the astral. Wow, but if I want to be welcome in these places i must face what ever local law enforcement wants to deal with me and hopefully move forward with fixing my disturbing past. They bring me to a building and say my powers will be dampened in there while I am interviewed (like the prison I was sent to in the large every time I showed up for months.) It is ok, I know in a worse case I can force my consciousness back to the physical realm.
    Inside the building is a woman who interrogates me. I am accused of treachery. I supposedly acted disloyally in some setting that harmed the interests of this group. Images of space ships are projected as if that should remind me of the crime. I explain to her that I do not remember anything about the situation if it happened. I explain that I am a dreamer and am rarely in the astral. that when I do make it there my cognitive function is impaired much like being drunk, so sometimes I screw everything up. I am unaware if I have an existence there when my life is taking place on Earth, but that blaming me (this awareness) for things some avatar of me does when "I" am not there would be confusing to me. I am at a huge disadvantage in dealing with there legal system.
    She seems pretty pissed off and not impressed with my excuses. I panic and decide to get the hell out of the dampening field incase i need to protect myself. I force my way out the door. I make a run for it and take off flying. She chases/follows me and amazingly can match my every maneuver (uncommon in most cities.) I can not get away and decide to force myself back into my body.

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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      It is curious how common the "I'm not supposed to be here" sensation is while in a non-dream locale. I've had these sorts of experiences in the past but always feel as though I've been "dropped off" by my guide at the time. I can't help but wonder if in lucidity we can sometimes accidentally "pop" out of our local bubble to a more objectively populated plane.
    2. Sivason's Avatar
      Tell me about it! I have just suddenly shifted in some way and find myself in a populated area, that clearly is not in my local space at all. The way I sense it is that you have a space like the inside of a bubble, it seems to be connected to this other (generic astral) stuff by a point in it that is pinched off from the rest (god/ universe/ all-ness?) and has like an umbilical cord. If a dream guide comes through that cord to you it is a calm space and something in your dream has awareness and is other. For some reason the shift is done like a frequency shift not an act. It is just not normal enough to explain. You are shifting a frequency "through" a connection point.
      If your energy can do this, it often happens in a dream like point of sleep. You then can find yourself in the main shared areas of tis thing. It is a stirring current of some type of matter/energy/ thought. It acts much like flowing water and in some places it eddies, creating low energy calm spots. Entities that are semi-god like can pinch off a bubble from the thing and create calm areas like your private area, except these things are on a much grander scale. Inside these created spaces, the realities can have rules like gravity or no trespassing. You shift out of your zone and naturally drift right into the first zone you pass near. To me it is experienced usually like I have been walking but now am inside a house. I know I am intruding. I am embarrassed or afraid I will be punished. I stumble around and figure out how to leave the building and get into the open. I often then feel as if a group of people are going to surround me and are reacting poorly to my appearance.
      Eventually I have learned how to cope or leave the area while going out into the current this time aware. That shift I usually experience like various current which may appear as a fast moving canal of water somewhere near by or swimming down into a pool.
      On topic- I think you are spot on. "I'm not supposed to be here" is the most common theme.
    3. DorianMask's Avatar
      Quite right! I really like the idea of eddies because it does feel vortical in nature. Perhaps the idea of the 'assemblege points' could be applicable here, where instead of consciously, we are unconsciously shifted to a plane just beyond our acclimation. I'd like to think something along these lines could be the future of interdimensional/FTL travel for consciousness. Cheers fellow traveler!