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    Cities in the Astral

    Important Astral- New Entity

    by , 07-03-2022 at 08:22 AM (402 Views)
    After the last astral dream I decided to use this mantra when going to sleep, "no sex in lucid dreams, look around, be aware, ask questions." I did this on this occasion.

    I am in my grandmother's house where much of my childhood happened. I am dealing with confusing stuff (items) involving past girlfriends and clutter. Grandma is there and I tell her to get a storage shed. I realize at this point that it is a dream as She and her house are dream signs as both are of the past only. I go out the door and my mother is outside. She tries to engage with me but I explain that this is just a dream. Why do I always explain to DCs that I am dreaming? She questions thiss, so I point out that G-ma died many years ago and the house was torn down. I see another DC in the drive way and make this a pretty female and cause her to walk to us. I demonstrate to DC mom that I can control new DC like a puppet and demonstrate that the DC does not react. I am not focused and take the hot DC over into the yard and proceed to act as you may imagine a teen boy with highly tuned LD skills may act. She easily bends to my will. There is mud in the yard and we are dirty bt I ignore that.
    Wait! I hear the mantra! "no sex in lucid dreams, look around, be aware, ask questions." I dismiss the image of the DC and she is gone. I am embarrassed that "THEY" may be watching me and i went straight to gratifying sexual urges. (very common theme in my training.) I intend on shifting into the astral which I have never found a firm formula for doing. Set the intent and then pass through the boundary to the dream often depicted as water. As I set this intention the yard starts to flood and it is cold. I use dream imagery to picture tropical water full of pretty fish and a nice temp. I work my way out to the street and waves of water are filling the land. I rise and fall getting swept off my feet. I dive below hoping to make the transition. This carries me high up on what i am visualizing as a wall. I see high up what looks like an elevator door. I keep trying and the waves take me higher until I reach the door and push the button.
    Upon pushing the button I appear in the dark (dry) in some other place. It is dark but I can see myself just fine. I regain my composure and focus on intricate hand mudras to razor focus my awareness. I start walking into the dark while doing the mudras. She (from last Astral dream) is there now sitting on a chair with a small audience of youth she appears to be instructing. I look her in the eyes and think something at her like "lucid dream." I sense she is not to be interrupted. This area seems to be on a campus and others are milling about. Well here I am, but how to go about learning more details? I focus on complex mudras while I stroll and start intoning a chant. The chant seems to be come naturally but is not one i remember knowing. It just seems to flow out. I have a feeling as if she is following me with her consciousness but remaining out of sight.
    Now the weird stuff: I am approached by a tall stout entity who is focusing his gaze on me (see last astral dream) this entity seems unfamiliar. His energy comes across as a philosopher. We lock eyes in that special telepathic way. He asks if he can help me. I express that I know this is a dream, but is it also something else. Do you have an existence of your own separate from me? Can you explain all this astral stuff? Your types interactions with me?
    He seems sort of busy but takes time to try and give me an answer. I tried to interoperate what was being conveyed but what I came up with is confusing. the following is what I could recall and bring out with me. "I want you to read the following text to give you a foundation, it is The Religious Correspondences of Orius, The Ideologies." He also started giving me what felt lke a philosophy lecture I was failing to grasp along these lines, "if I eat, they will go hike. No action is ever isolated." He shows me something in his hand like a paper he has written on. I try to read it and grasp what it is, such as the name of the book or something, but it does not make sense. As I focus intently on this paper I end up awake.
    Sadly upon awaking my google searches hit a dead end on trying to find any reference to the book much less to the name Orius. I also tried Orsisus as I seem to remember it both ways. Despite not finding the book here in modern day Earth I am excited by the last couple dreams.

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