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    Cities in the Astral

    Lock Pick

    by , 01-30-2021 at 04:56 AM (166 Views)
    Me and Todd were screwing around flying up to the top of walls and running along the top. It was night and the area was sort of like an abandoned warehouse. I decide this should be some sort of underground adventure like Dungeons and Dragons. We find a stair well and go down. It shortly has a gate made of wire mesh and a strong lock. Todd examines the lock and I can see a close up of it despite not being by the lock. he suggests I just use dream powers and say rip it off the wall or phase us through it. I decide that would not be as fun as figuring out what to do. He says he has an idea. We go outside and he takes me around a corner and there is a gas station. He takes me inside and tells the owner he wants to buy one of those lock picking tools you see on TV. We get that and go back outside but never make it back to the gate. i get distracted by some people and end up flying around and land dramatically on a stretch of dirt road by a impoverished area of housing. All of this is definitely happening at night. that is a consistent theme through out.

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    1. Occipitalred's Avatar
      The funny thing about solving problems by figuring it out without using dream powers is that it generally leads away from the original task. In my case anyway, if there's a puzzle to open a doorway, I'm more likely to see what's on the other side if I use dream powers rather than play with the inconsequential mechanisms in the room.
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    2. MoonageDaydream's Avatar
      True. Also, the dream's focus / message may be more about the puzzle itself, and how to solve it, than what's on the other side. Could relate to a life problem, and the dream's solution could resemble a real-life solution, in its own way.
    3. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Appropriately, this last night, I had a non-lucid dream about being driven home by a friend. Since we were going to my home in my car, I thought it was more polite if I drove so I told them to park and switched seat. Getting back in the car, my friend was absent and the car was missing huge parts, especially where I imagined my friend being. I decided it must be because my dream wasn't "loading all the details properly." I went on driving instead of getting side tracked and searching for my missing friend, and eventually, my assumption that they were still beside me came true and they were back.

      So what I'm saying is it doesn't seem to be "cheating" (bypassing the "true intent" of the dream) to use lucid logic.
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