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    Cities in the Astral

    Long Trek

    by , 06-15-2021 at 04:32 AM (72 Views)
    I think I was inspired by MoonAgeDayDreams dream about preparing for a jungle vacation. In a dream I decided to trek to a jungle in a made up place in the jungles of a tropical country. I never really got there despite trying to keep the dream from going off track. I got a couple friends (DCs) together and we walked along a desert hill terrain. We got up on a hill side for the view and I could see back to the ocean where we seem to have started. I knew we started there but it was not part of the actual dream. I considered just popping over to the ocean and swimming, but stayed on task. We had an opportunity to explore some exciting caves but I wanted to make it to the jungle (note: not create it out of thin air or teleport), so we continued. I decided to know that the jungle was at a higher elevation and that just up that valley we would see it. I see a visitor center and a moment later the scene is inside it. A nice big building and I think a scene with a fancy fish tank but I continue on through the back doors onto an observation platform. My friends are gone. I look around. Pretty good scenery but no jungle theme or animals. The dream fails briefly and I loose track of what I wanted to do.

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