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    Cities in the Astral

    Lucid, Video Game on Phone

    by , 02-16-2021 at 05:59 AM (65 Views)
    I am walking with some woman along an industrial fence line. I have a false memory that Jason S. has told me about living here (Russia) in the past and not enjoying it because of the poverty. The woman says it must have been after 9/11. We round a corner and I find a very beautiful area outside of what appears to be a college. I go into a classroom section and someone gets me to sign up for a phone app where we can play poker against each other. I do that for a bit both winning and loosing money. The poker hands were montaged and not detailed. I then find a video game app that is kind of based off sonic but also has a RPG type set up. I actually play that through three short levels and it is fun and vivid. I am approached by a female professor who thinks I am someone else. She keeps telling me things about myself that clearly have to do with her mistaking my identity. She gets real close and touches me through my clothing provocatively. I move away from her as this seems likely to end up a distraction from the dream and anyways I do not want to play a scenario where I am tricking anyone. I see a building that must be a student union. In the atrium is a crowd of youths talking about their frisbee club. Someone wants to know if I would like to join. I ignore this as a dumb distraction and attempt to go into the building. One of them is blocking the door. I think he is just being rude. He says I can not go in there. I tell him to leave me alone and push my way past him and go inside. A security guard comes up and says they are trying to close up and why did I come in through the closed door. I have to leave. When i leave there is a teller window and they give me twenty dollars I am supposedly owed from the phone app earlier.
    The dream shifts to plot being revealed in a cut away. The guys I played with are doing some sort of criminal activity involving cutting some power. There is some sort of reward of 3% for catching me. This supposedly centers around me getting on a phone while I was in the Student Union. The cut away is happening while in another view (duel reality running at one time) I am walking down the sidewalk away from the building. At this point my alarm wakes me.

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