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    Nice Little Kiss.

    by , 02-15-2017 at 03:43 AM (401 Views)
    I had a false awakening in which a couple women were in the next room and my bed was in full view. I get up and go in to see them. It is my D.G. and the other person is no longer there. I have fairly deep feelings for this entity and she is far more understanding than either of my prior guides. She wants me to come with her. We go into the next room and she has a bath running. She is now nude and in fairly high definition. She is not acting provocative; she is just checking the water. I know that my biggest short coming in my dreaming is getting distracted by sexual things. I think she is seeing if I can control myself. I decide that trying to touch her would be the wrong thing, and I know she wants to help me. I get into the bath. She is still standing. She is so beautiful. I want to tell her how I am feeling, but worry anything I say will seem sexual. I timidly say what seems safe, " You look very cute." She seems pleased and amused by my choice of words. She smiles and leans over me bringing her face very close. We share a tiny sweet very brief close mouthed kiss. She sweetly says, "I will see you tomorrow morning." A second after this my alarm goes off.
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      Yum, sweet moment.

      p.s. where do I sign up for such a beautiful and accommodating DG?
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