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    Not Cheating!

    by , 10-30-2020 at 04:56 AM (101 Views)
    I ended up in a loud argument with DCs who looked like my friends from 20 years ago. While having sex in a lucid one friend comes up and yells that I am cheating on my wife. I stop what I am doing and tell them to be quiet. Part of me is confused and slides a bit less lucid. Maybe I think I could be awake and what have I done? More DCs are making a fuss about it now and yelling stuff at me. I know they do not fit with my life and are 20 years too young, so back to lucidity. I silence them by yelling that my wife damn well knows their are women in my dreams and that she does not consider anything in a dream or astral realm to be cheating. It shut them up.

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