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    Cities in the Astral

    Off Road

    by , 03-04-2021 at 06:29 AM (97 Views)
    In restaurant and mom is mad at step dad about going to strip club. She lectures us both to never go to such places. She goes to use restroom and me and him walk outside. I see areas that are false memories of childhood places. We come back through a building and go back to table. People are complaining about how long the food takes. Tammi is now lecturing me about strip clubs. Now the dream shift to me visiting a friend and his girl who was in fact a stripper back in the day, He trusts me to be alone with her and is leaving. She is going to take me dancing. I can see through the TV screen her getting ready in the other room. I mention it and it turns out cameras are all over the apartment. We go out to her car and she has an amazing telescope in the driveway area. We talked about how she got it. We go on a crazy fun and exciting drive she goes off road along a ridge in a fancy golf course and the scene is so beautiful. Meadows and ponds and flowering trees. She goes completely off road and down a hill side with giant fur trees. Neat detail. We had kind of bounced close to each other and I became a little uncomfortable because I felt some sexuality towards her but that ends when she parks at some location in the forest. She starts talking about things that happened early in the dream but that i barely recalled. We walked a short way and realize we have forgot out shows, so we go back. Dream ends here but I do think this DC reminds me much of the younger daughter and maybe she was visiting-unconfirmed.

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