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    Cities in the Astral

    Probation Office- Astral

    by , 02-24-2021 at 05:55 AM (82 Views)
    I am with my Dream Guide who I assume now is the older of the three (mother of two daughters) and we are going somewhere. I follow along but get distracted when we go inside a building. I wander away and am staring at things quite stupidly when she gets my attention. She looks embarrassed. Why is that? Oh wait, it seems I have been brought here to some very official location. My mind is filling in imagery of a grand court house. She gestures me over and a few people are waiting. One seems to be a magistrate (probation?) who intends on interviewing me. I have gotten in plenty of trouble in various astral cities, and the main one I have access to has imprisoned me more than once for acting violently, grabbing women, and being destructive. I am not always in control in a lucid dream or in astral adventures. I may know what is going on but act much like a drunken person. I have no idea why they keep giving me chances and working with me. I am vastly improving though with the caring help of my guide.
    I am interviewed and we discuss that I know my past actions have been disrupting the peace, sexually aggressive, and disorderly. I explain much of the stuff I have been working on in waking life and how with my guides help I very rarely act improperly anymore. I am being crowded by people but it barely registers. the magistrate asks me about empathy. She brings my attention to the people around me. Behind me is a woman pressing her body aggressively against me and a man to my left doing the same. I mean they are pressed up against me and their crotches are clearly against me. She asks me if I find such behavior to be upsetting and creepy. I say that I had not really even noticed as being close to people never has bothered me. I mention that actually the contact is nice and not something that strikes me as negative. I realize too late this was stupid. I am forced out of the astral.
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      Verdict: stupid!
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