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    Cities in the Astral

    Time Control

    by , 04-16-2017 at 10:47 PM (421 Views)
    04-15-17 DILD My vivid dreams are getting so weird that I can no longer translate much of what is going on into stories that make sense. In this dream many things happened that involved shifting between places and states of existence. My recall has been very very poor on these dreams. I can not put words to them, so I also have to figure out how to recall such things. How do I store them as memory if placing words to them is difficult. One part that I can understand is after my DG (? presumably? a entity for sure) did some kind of adjustment to my head and gave me instant understanding revolving around sequence/time manipulation. I had to focus on adjusting some energy that seemed most like adjusting the focus on a pair of head mounted binoculars. I could focus on tuning this ?thing? and cause the dream to fast forward, rewind or pause. WOW! I am glad I understood at least some of what I was doing for a good part of my night. As far as points for the competition, I honestly can not say. In know way was completing tasks on my mind. I did time control and teleportation for sure.
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    1. KevNice's Avatar
      sounds interesting.. like you are getting some advance control powers
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    2. Letaali's Avatar
      Hey, it's a start! I believe in you sivason! Carry team Water to victory!
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