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    Time Travel/ Dad's Fish Store

    by , 12-15-2021 at 03:46 AM (192 Views)
    Interest lucid with heavy doses of repressed psychology. I was cruising around in a lucid when I walked into a room and saw my father. He is no longer alive in waking life. I decided to interact with him and try to experience something interesting. I decided that I had traveled back in time to talk to a much younger version of my father. This took place in a fish store he owned. I noticed a fish had been fed alive to other fish who were eating it while it suffered a long drawn-out death. I remember telling him about the mistakes he would make in the future somehow hoping he could avoid doing the things. I remember telling him he would become very selfish and at times perhaps psychotic. I also pointed at the suffering fish and made some point about his personality. Oddly, I do not think of him as having been that cruel or psychotic.
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