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    What is with the Cocaine? DEILD

    by , 08-31-2013 at 08:15 PM (349 Views)
    08/30/13 A DEILD after my last DJ post. I never made it back to a good stable dream body. I was stuck observing my dreams. I watched a small sequence of normal dreams, and decided not to fight it. I want to work on observing more. At some point the dream was all about cocaine dealers. I was unsure why that should be in my dream. TV perhaps? I was able to change the'camera' angle and zoom in on the bags of cocaine. I tried to alter the scene despite my intent to just observe.
    This LD is hardly worth recording. I only have entered it because I was suddenlly aware that something was wrong. How long had I been observing 20 minutes or so??? No, that could not be, because my snaooze alarm should have woke me. I tried to relax and assure myself mt sense of time was distorted. Just relax and passivelly observe until the snooze goes off.... NO! Something is wrong! Fine,,, check itout, you will wake your self up and find out you are being silly.
    I forced myself awake, and sure enough, my stupid i-phone alarm had shut off rather than snooze. I could have been late for work! Hmmm, interesting enough to record, I suppose. Dur~20 min.

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