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    Partially lucid Medieval dream

    by , 02-28-2021 at 10:48 AM (680 Views)
    I had my first partially lucid dream - I was aware I was dreaming, and able to change the initial scene. However the DC's seemed to be more in control - They seemed to be pulling the strings more than I was.

    I had been captured by a group of men who kept lots of women in cages. I was allowed to roam around, but a man used a noose to wrap around my arms and pull me up some stairs so I was on the top floor. (I initially freaked out, thinking the noose was for my neck, but he told me it was to carry me via my arms!) I remember it felt very strange, like a floating sensation when I was dragged upwards.
    When I was up on the top floor, all the DC's were wearing cloaks until they showed themselves. (I would say again and again that this was a dream, and rub my hands together. But I couldn't gain a control over the scene.) And the men wanted to have sex, and were very forceful with their demands.
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    1. Sivason's Avatar
      Congrats on getting lucid. Control takes some time. It is normal at first to not be in control. One massive benefit lucid dreaming causes is much fewer bad dreams and the ability to stop bad dreams if you are lucid in them.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Whoa. That must've been scary!

      Anyway, Sivason's 100% right. This was entirely a lucid dream experience. That's a fantastic milestone. I wish you luck with your future dreams.
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    3. Skabre's Avatar
      Thank you so much, Sivason and RelicWraith (Yes, it was scary!)!

      Thank you both for your encouragement!

      I definitely need to take it as my first steps, and continue to persist ^^ And log any dreams I do remember, as they will only help in the long run!

      I would love to be able to have fewer bad dreams, and be able to change any bad ones by going lucid!
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    4. Sivason's Avatar
      It is really possible. I am down to maybe 2-3 bad dreams a year and those are usually just angry dreams fighting with family members. It can be life changing.
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