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    Running from home, and captured by men..!

    by , 04-02-2018 at 09:30 AM (591 Views)
    I had a dream last night..!
    The first that I've remembered in a while..!

    It was more in bits though. I was myself, at home for a time, but then ran outside. I think I was running away from home, I remember hearing my parents call after me. But I continued to run away from my home.
    In the street, I was surrounded by a few young men (In their early 20's maybe?), and they grabbed me and started to pull me away from my home. They grabbed me by the arms, pulling me backwards along the street. I remember the police arrived on the scene, but the men were too fast and seemed to know exactly how to sneak away from the scene. I was locked up in a caravan, with a man.

    Then I woke up..!

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Yeesh, must've been scary. I remember having a similar dream a few years back. Definitely one of the most frightening nightmares I had, way above even things like getting stuck in hell, being mauled by wild animals, or zombie apocalypses.
      Updated 04-03-2018 at 12:10 AM by FireFlyMan
    2. Skabre's Avatar
      Aww yes, it was really scary! I remember feeling the hands, and feeling the sensation of being dragged along at a fast pace..! It also, with it being right outside my house, made it all feel so real too..! I was relieved to wake up in my bed..