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    Zombie invasion..!

    by , 04-18-2016 at 04:27 PM (836 Views)
    Hi everyone,

    I had a dream last night that I remembered..! The first one in a long time..!

    It was set during a zombie apocalypse! I was at my old secondary school, when the zombie invasion began. We were split into groups, and sent on our way. I remember being with a few other students, none of them were familiar from my old school days.

    We were given these weapons, which had to charge up before firing. However no matter how much we charged the weapons they wouldn't fire. We quickly became aware that we were tricked by the one who sent us, and that we'd be the first that the zombies overwhelmed. I turned to the students I was with, explaining my thoughts to them about this fool's errands, and they agreed.

    I took charge of the group, and we went back inside the school as we began to have a look around for weapons, or hideouts. Anything that would aid us in this zombie invasion..! While we walked and searched we found other students who quickly began to follow us as well.

    I remember before the dream ended we found a base, and there was one student there who was an excellent cook. However they seemed to have cut the meat from dead zombies, and was trying to feed it to us all for some reason..!

    Then I woke up!
    It was a shame because I was really enjoying it.. xDD!!
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    1. miktux's Avatar
      cool story did u seen zombies? becouse of all my zombie dreams i had about 7 only in a few of them i saw zombies in other i just walking searching something and i know its zombie apocalipse but no zombies around
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    2. Skabre's Avatar
      Thanks so much!! I did really enjoy it! ^^!! And no ~ It was really strange xD!! I knew they were lurking around, and about to come in the school, and we were running from them, but I never did actually see any in my dream..! Not one O__o xD!! That's funny how you've also shared such scenarios where the zombies are lacking in it, lol!
    3. miktux's Avatar
      In one of my zombie dreams when i see zombies they was half fish half idk little creepers and they jumping like fish was weird i remember but its realy funny zombies dreams and no zombies
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    4. Skabre's Avatar
      Oh my gosh!! xDD Really?! A half fish / half creeper?! Meeep!! Now I want to see the zombies, so I can see what kind they are! xDD But yes! It's really crazy! Not having zombies in a zombie dream! I actually didn't think of it until you asked xD Then I thought: "Hmm.. That is odd.." xD!!!
    5. miktux's Avatar
      i didnt think about it to but after few zombies dreams i release it