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    The Hotel

    by , 04-30-2023 at 11:16 AM (126 Views)
    I'm standing in the reception of a large building with my older sister. The building's some sort of mix between a hotel, a mall, an apartment complex and a few other kinds of establishments. Every other inhabitant of this building resembles some kind of humanoid creature. The reception area is a huge hall with gold plated red walls, lined with extremely intricate decorative pillars and skirtings, and the floor has some kind of shiny marble pattern.
    After she speaks with the lady at the counter, we make our way to the elevator. Inside the elevator is a person in a grey trench coat and a large black dog, standing in front of a full-wall mirror. I select floor 15, and the dog jumps up and starts pressing all of the buttons to which the trench coat person starts apologising profusely for. After we assure him it's nothing to worry about, we get off at our floor.

    Floor 15 is reminiscent of the second floor of a large shopping mall, except every shop is closed and a heavy mist coats the air as moonlight shines in through a fake skylight. I look over a railing into a dark, bottomless pit, and a sense of dread washes over me. My sister and I make our way to the furthest corner of the shopping mall, where I can see bright lights flashing in contrast with the eerie dead mall. The only shop that's open is a casino, alive with loud noises and blinking signs, although I can't see a single person inside. My sister goes in and I wait outside, sitting on a small square couch in the middle of the mall near a few other "people" doing the same. I look at them, some with their heads replaced with eyestalks, some tentacles, as they all stare down at their phones or books. An inactive crane game catches my eye, and I notice there's a dead arcade just across from the casino. I feel completely empty, hopeless, and hungry. And then I woke up.
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