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    1. Boy in the Well

      by , 01-14-2024 at 03:02 AM
      I'm standing outside of a huge gold and white castle. The front doors alone are bigger than anything I've ever seen, though I feel familiar with it as if I've lived here my whole life. Inside, the first room is grand, empty, and shiny. To the left, the castle blends in with the dirty outside streetscape; markets, classrooms, and living quarters become one with the castle, as though it had been abandoned and is now being repurposed. I have fleeting memories of sleeping in bunkers below the castle or walking outside in the snow, seeing the castle's golden spires in the distance, meaning this is most likely what I know as home.
      Venturing deeper into the castle's grand halls, I come across a small, empty room, with a hole in the ground. I walk over to the hole and see it's filled with water, though I'm not sure how deep it is. I see my reflection, some sort of white, featureless creature wearing blue robes.

      The next day, I go to the market. I squeeze past overgrown shrubbery to get to the old stone staircase that leads to the produce stalls. At one of the stalls is an old owl-like creature wearing long brown rags and a broad-brimmed hat. He has his wrinkly talon hands resting on the table in front of him, which is littered with shiny trinkets, fresh vegetables, and other goods. I walk up to him and begin to barter for a handful of carrots or some other carrot-y-looking food, and after a while of arguing I give him some coins and he fills my bag. I take off down the very narrow street, bustling with life, and go up into a sheltered area. The first room I pass through is a kindergarten classroom, where I stop to watch for a moment. 3 tiger creatures are arguing in Mandarin, all wearing quite nice clothes. One has a baby on her lap, and I assume the other two are also mothers of some of the smaller creatures I see sitting at the back of the class. I continue going through other rooms, though I can't remember much after this.
      I end up back at the well in the ground. I toss one of the carrots in. After a moment, I hear a deep rumbling coming from within the well, and water splashes up out of it. I return to the bunkers for the night.

      I wake up in complete darkness, floating aimlessly, quickly realising I'm underwater. I start panicking, certain I'm going to drown here. Then a light appears above me, and I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up and see a glowing boy with white hair, a white shirt, and a very long tail, and he's smiling at me. We're talking like we've met before, though I can't remember much of this part, other than I'm slowly floating up and I have faint flashes of some kind of scripture in my mind. It feels like whatever's happening is very important. I start reciting something and I suddenly understand why I'm in the well (of course, can't remember that either). As I get closer to the top of this body of water, the boy's tail begins to curl around me as it gets thinner and thinner, until I've reached the end of his tail. Then it splits in half, and he runs the inside of his tail along my face as a sort of goodbye. I reach the top and am blinded by light, I feel completely at peace.
      And then I woke up.

      This was such a cool dream, I wish I could remember more of it!
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Ants

      by , 10-26-2023 at 09:18 PM
      I'm in a very large, white castle. Every surface is made out of marble, everything is shiny. Me and about a hundred other people are dancing and drinking in the ballroom. I suddenly black out. When my senses come back, there are ants everywhere. Millions of them. You would think the floor was meant to be black if it wasn't moving. There's so many ants some of them stack on top of each other and form mounds. There are giant ant eggs that blend in with the marble.
      I'm going around with another person trying to kill them all with bug spray, but it just coats them all in white so they're harder to see. It's so disgusting.
      And then I woke up.
      Tags: ants, castle
    3. Utter Nothings

      by , 07-30-2023 at 12:08 PM
      A very long, completely non-linear, nonsensical dream. I won't try and make any story out of it, just writing as I remember things...

      It was around Christmas time and millions of people had gathered to see a Christmas play in a theater. All of the people, including myself, were large nesting doll type things. I was much older, maybe 40-50, and had a husband. The line to the theater was inside a dimly lit hallway, and was so long it seemed to stretch out forever. By the time we got to the theater, the play was ending. We were the last to leave, the stage and hallway so eerily empty now. At the door to the exit a receptionist told us we needed a key to leave, which would have been given to us during the show. I tried explaining to her that we'd got in late and weren't given a key. The three of us talked like old friends for a while before my husband pulled out a key and placed it in it's lock, and we left the theater.

      Then, I was in a shop that had tables and chairs set up like a classroom. Outside it had been snowing heavily, and I was covered head to toe in winter gear. I was also my own age again, human, and had no husband. I'd wanted to go out to ski, but didn't have any skis. At the entrance to the shop was a row of pigeonholes with different footwear in each hole. As I thought about stealing a pair of skis, my inner monologue in the form of a pink fairy flew around me and told me not to, but I did it anyways. Then I went outside and skied up and down a large hill of snow for a while. When I reached the bottom of the hill for the last time, I walked into white light.

      Now I was in a shopping mall at night, putting on an interpretive dance performance. The mall was covered in a faint purple glow. At some point in the dance, I had a flashback.

      In the flashback, there was a large green hill above a small town. At the top of the hill was a giant oak tree. Under the tree, I saw hundreds of bubbles, every bubble containing a moment in someone's life. In one particular bubble, I saw a young girl asleep at her schooldesk. Underneath all the bubbles is a field of roses covered in thick thorns. I had the knowledge that the girl could either return to her life at her desk and wake up, or remain asleep and pop the bubble, falling into the endless field of thorns.

      Then I was in a bustling street, and it was the middle of summer. At an intersection in the street a famous band was performing, and thousands of people were packed tightly around them to watch. I was with a friend and wearing a shirt that had a quote from one of the band members on it. The person in front of me turned around, revealing to be the member of the band that said the quote. He saw my shirt and laughed. After the show was over, everyone dispersed into the city. I was walking along a row of shops with my friend and realised I was wearing shorts, even though I hate wearing shorts in public. We went into a clothes shop and I asked my friend to buy me a pair of pants as I went to hide in a changing room. At the back of the shop where the change rooms are, I saw a row of stalls and 2 bathrooms, each with very specific signs above them. The signs had strange requirements like "for very smart women" or "for hat people". I decided to go into a few of them to see what could set them apart. In each of the stalls, every surface had a fullbody funhouse-like mirror that reflected different versions of myself depending on the sign outside. I saw myself with long blonde hair and a purple dress.
      There weren't any bathrooms or stalls labeled explicitly for men, so I went into the bathroom labeled "for very smart women". Inside, instead of mirrors there were screens. As I sat down on the lid of the toilet the screens lit up and started to tell me facts about myself. My star sign, my favourite foods, how likely I am to do certain things than other people in my lifetime. When I stood up, the tiles under my feet lit up. The screen told me my height and weight: 4 grams. When I left the bathroom my friend gave me a pair of pink leggings, and we left without paying.

      And then I woke up.
      Tags: rose, shop, snow, summer
    4. Sunny Neighbourhood

      by , 07-23-2023 at 10:51 AM
      looked through an old dream journal i kept before i found this website and saw this:

      6/4/23 (6th of April)
      "i was walking down a sunny neighbourhood street with a group of people my age that i didn't recognise. Then i walked off with one of the girls from the group and ended up at her house, asleep in her lap as she watched a video in the middle of the night."

      I don't remember this at all, but I thought it was cute :- )
    5. Cats and Dogs

      by , 07-17-2023 at 12:30 PM
      I'm sitting on a couch in my grandmother's old house. Next to me is a boy I feel a faint familiarity towards, and at least a dozen cats. There are cats everywhere, and they can talk. The boy is talking at me and I acknowledge what he's saying with nods and gestures, but I don't engage in conversation, I'm more focused on this house full of talking cats. Their ability to harness the English language is normal to me. There is one cat in particular im talking to, and she's telling me that my grandmother had left all of them here and that they were starving. It's been years since my grandmother had lived there, so I feel incredibly guilty. I ask the cat why they didn't just leave, but I forget what she said in response.

      I start walking to the cats' food bowl and a mastiff-looking dog appears from behind me, who can also talk. I fill up both the dogs and the cats food bowls and sit back on the couch with the boy. As I look out the window into the backyard, I see the shadow of a man walking along the hedges. Everyone in the house quietens. The cats seem to know what this is, but I don't. Then, a small jack russell appears from around the corner of the house where the man seems to be standing, and starts sniffing along the hedgeline. Strapped to the jack russell is a backpack seemingly loaded with gadgets, similar to a crude bomb in appearance.

      Seeing this, a deep primal fear is now seated within me. I shakily ask the cat who the two are, and then I woke up.
      Tags: cat, dog, grandmother
      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Hometown

      by , 07-05-2023 at 12:30 PM
      I'm in the car with my dad and we're driving into the town that I grew up in. As we're driving down the streets, I look around and notice how much it has changed. The school I used to go to is all new and so much bigger than it used to be, the roads have been updated, everything is so much flashier than it used to be. There are new shops and houses all over the place that I've never seen before. We park in the parking lot of the shopping centre my dad and I used to go to every week, and we enter in through the back way that we'd always use. For the most part, it looks the same.
      I'm excited to see the people that I grew up with again, considering its been about 3 years since I'd been here. In the grocery store, each aisle is littered with teenagers talking and messing around with each other, but there isn't a single kid I used to play with. I recognise some of the faces, being kids who live in my new town, but none of the ones who went to my old school. None are kids who I'd shared classrooms with. I realise it's been so long that I've forgotten the faces of everyone who made my childhood what it was. I go back to my dad whos in the self checkout and dejectedly tell him none of my old friends are here.
      We walk back through the rest of the shopping centre to the car park. I look around, the shopping centre is the same. The neighbourhood and the school and the people might've changed, but this mall is the same as it always was. The $2 store, the fish and chips shop, the spices store, it's all the same. And then I woke up.

      Also, tomorrow is my birthday
      Tags: dad, hometown, shop
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Art Gallery

      by , 06-24-2023 at 03:51 PM
      I'm in a new, high-tech startup digital art gallery with a friend. It's small, with a reception desk straight from the entrance, and only a few metres of space on each side. There are fake vines hanging from the ceiling and windows, and fake plants lining the brick walls, giving a very sort of indie cafe look.
      There are screens displaying impressionist artworks, mostly Claude Monet. My friend and a few other visitors in the building are looking at these works on the huge screens, and as they do that I begin to take a look around the building. To the right of the reception desk, tucked away in a corner, is a little shelf with a couple of small screens showing fan submitted artworks, each with their own paragraph long descriptions next to them. Most of the drawings are children's drawings submitted by their parents, or amateur paintings/sketches done by visitors. As the drawings cycle through every couple of minutes, I absentmindedly read their descriptions and pick out my favourites from each cycle, until one catches my eye.

      It's a small, vertically long sketch with limited colour. Down the middle of the page is a sidewalk with hopscotch on it, outside of a cafe with tables and chairs out the front. On the other side of the sidewalk is lush, green shrubbery. Sunlight is streaming through the leaves and pouring onto the sidewalk in little white splotches. At the top of the sidewalk strolls a young girl in a long white lace dress, with brown hair and a white sunhat. At the bottom of the sidewalk, where the hopscotch is, is two lion cubs playing, one with a sun for a head, and the other with a moon. It is the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen.
      Then I look closer at the drawing and see it's been done completely on lined workbook paper, with nothing more than a blue pen and some coloured markers. I'm stunned. Something so engulfing had been done by some student, doodling in their notes, without a thought about it.

      As I stare at the drawing, the cycle reloads again, and another takes its place. I panic, I don't want it to go yet, I have to find it again. I try to find an author's name, but the descriptions have cycled out. I go to the gallery's website and find a list of all the authors that had recently been displayed in the fan corner, and find the artist's name. I'm so happy that I get to see it one more time, and then I woke up.

      I was actually quite mad that it was a dream. The whole night I thought it was real, and I was just as worried when I woke up that I'd lost the drawing again as I was in my dream, even more so that I would never be able to find it because it wasn't real. But then a few hours later I realised that the artwork I was so obsessed with came from my mind, in my imagination, meaning I would be able to recreate it. I'm so lucky to have the ability to create art, I wish I could live forever so that I could dream and create and dream all over again.
      Tags: art, technology
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. War Letters

      by , 05-02-2023 at 01:41 PM
      I actually had this dream yesterday but forgot to post...oops.

      I'm sitting on a catwalk outside somewhere (the industrial kind, not the fashion one) reading letters a girl has been sending me. I'm guessing this girl is my dream girlfriend, and she is beautiful. Medium length brown hair, wide face, green eyes, it's all I can think about as I read the letters she's sent me. With them is a drawing she made for me and a photo of her. In her letters she tells me about the drawings she's been doing and how much she misses me, as I've gone to war. I begin writing a letter in response to hers, and I barely have the heart to tell her how bad it's been, how I might not come home, so I instead write about how much I loved her artwork.

      As I'm sitting on this catwalk I look around and see I'm in a green garden outside of my Grandmother's old house, which is a place I dream about a lot. The sun is shining so bright the reflection of it off of the bright green grass blinds me. Then, behind me, I hear shouting and gunshots being fired. I turn around and see the door to an abandoned building, which the catwalk is connected to, being blown off as smoke comes pouring out of the doorway. Soon after that, soldiers come running through, firing at everyone around them, and all I do is watch while holding the letters in my hands. And then I woke up.

      The girl in this dream is the same one from my school ghost dream I posted a month ago, I guess I have a type.
      Tags: art, girl, grandmother, war
    9. The Hotel

      by , 04-30-2023 at 11:16 AM
      I'm standing in the reception of a large building with my older sister. The building's some sort of mix between a hotel, a mall, an apartment complex and a few other kinds of establishments. Every other inhabitant of this building resembles some kind of humanoid creature. The reception area is a huge hall with gold plated red walls, lined with extremely intricate decorative pillars and skirtings, and the floor has some kind of shiny marble pattern.
      After she speaks with the lady at the counter, we make our way to the elevator. Inside the elevator is a person in a grey trench coat and a large black dog, standing in front of a full-wall mirror. I select floor 15, and the dog jumps up and starts pressing all of the buttons to which the trench coat person starts apologising profusely for. After we assure him it's nothing to worry about, we get off at our floor.

      Floor 15 is reminiscent of the second floor of a large shopping mall, except every shop is closed and a heavy mist coats the air as moonlight shines in through a fake skylight. I look over a railing into a dark, bottomless pit, and a sense of dread washes over me. My sister and I make our way to the furthest corner of the shopping mall, where I can see bright lights flashing in contrast with the eerie dead mall. The only shop that's open is a casino, alive with loud noises and blinking signs, although I can't see a single person inside. My sister goes in and I wait outside, sitting on a small square couch in the middle of the mall near a few other "people" doing the same. I look at them, some with their heads replaced with eyestalks, some tentacles, as they all stare down at their phones or books. An inactive crane game catches my eye, and I notice there's a dead arcade just across from the casino. I feel completely empty, hopeless, and hungry. And then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Kidnapped

      by , 04-29-2023 at 10:31 AM
      For a reason I've forgotten, I'm being held hostage by someone I know's cousin or brother. Him, a few other people and I are in what I assume is his house out in the bush in the middle of nowhere. I'm sitting with my arms tied in a room with glass walls, and I'm watching the sunlight filter in before I suddenly hear shouting. Then, as if the place were being raided, smoke begins to fill the hallway outside of the glass room I'm in, and I watch as people are running past. Realising this may be my only chance at escape, I get up and try to find an exit from the doorway of the glass room. I see a man run past me into another room, and then out a backdoor, before seeing the man who kidnapped me emerge from his room. I'm not sticking around to get captured again, so I dart out the backdoor onto a porch, looking around to see only forest surrounding me. I run around to the front of the house where I find a dirt road cutting through the forest, and I start running down it. Behind me, I hear the kidnapper getting in his car to chase me.

      I run down that road like I've never ran before in my life, (which is a little unusual as in dreams running is normally very hard to do). My hands are still tied behind my back, but I'm booking it. It feels so real, like I'm actually running for my life. Every time I feel so tired that I might cough up my lungs from the exhaustion, I push myself to keep running, not waiting to hear the engine of the man's car behind me. Everywhere I look, I see trees and more trees, until I finally come across a clearing with a very small, airport like facility. As I start admiring my first look at civilisation in what must have been a very long time, the man pulls up behind me and grabs me, dragging me down a hill towards the airport.

      The place is completely empty, not another human in sight, except for a young woman who I recognise as this man's sister. When he spots her, he lets me go, going up to argue with his sister out the front of this makeshift airport. As soon as I'm released, I begin looking for an escape. About 100 metres from where I'm standing, I see a small plane parked with a pilot climbing in it. I assume he's about to take off, so as the man continues to argue, I start running once again. The man notices and starts chasing after me, but I reach the plane before he can catch up. As the plane takes off, I wake up.

      I should mention this is not the first dream I've had about being kidnapped this year, which is slightly worrying...
      Tags: kidnapped, plane
    11. Crashing

      by , 04-26-2023 at 11:24 PM
      Hi everyone, haven't had a lot of dreams as of late so haven't posted in a while, but here's my best attempt at piecing together last nights one:

      I'm walking around a beach late at night, and only very shortly from the shoreline is a lighthouse, illuminating the dark night air. There's a shallow mist around me, and after watching the waves for a short moment, I turn around and begin walking up these stairs that are surrounded by an immense amount of greenery. At the top there's a restaurant of some sort, but I stop halfway up and turn left to another path through the greenery. This leads me to a black room, where the walls seem to rhythmically pulsate a faint light. In the centre of the room I see a silhouette of two people, a man and a woman. I believe the man is my Dad, but I can't recognise the woman. I stare at them for a few short moments as the walls of the room grow brighter and dimmer around us, before exiting.

      I then end up in a town somewhere, reminiscent of where I lived as a small child. I'm walking down the streets before a friend of mine pulls up and tells me to get in their car. I freak out because they certainly don't know how to drive, but they assure me it's fine, and they seem kind of in a hurry anyways. I climb in the passengers side and ask what they're in a rush for, but I can't remember what they said. Suddenly, something urgent happens and they need me to take over driving for a sec, which freaks me out because I don't know how to drive either! I grab hold of the steering wheel and look over at my friend to see when they'll take over again, but when I look back there's a car in front of us and I swerve into a pole and crash.
      The car is ruined, and it takes a few minutes for me to come back to consciousness, because when I do I look over and my friend's not in the car anymore. I only faintly remember what happens after that, something about them laughing, something about a hot air balloon, I'm not too sure

      I think it's also worth mentioning I've had a few other dreams involving lighthouses as of late, but I don't remember enough to make a post about it. Do lighthouses symbolise anything or am I just a weirdo...
    12. Field Trip

      by , 04-12-2023 at 06:34 AM
      Another patchy dream, really can't recall much of a cohesive story for this one either

      I'm sitting on a white bus next to a friend of mine, and we're on a school field trip. The bus has divided sections for each set of seats, like a caterpillar. I look out the window and see we're driving along a tree line that separates us from a beach. When the bus comes to a stop and we get out, I start arguing with the friend I was sitting next to about something. The next thing I remember is standing in front of a very small model house, before being told to go inside. Then, I'm locked in. I'm pretty sure this miniature house is some sort of escape room.
      The next thing I remember is opening one of the doors and a cardboard cutout of a zombie jumps out of the wall and scares me, like a haunted house. (Second dream in a row that has something to do with zombies!) Some other things that I can't recall happen, and then I remember being curled up on the floor of the starting room of the escape house, hugging my backpack and crying. I guess I really didn't want to be there.

      The next morning I wake up and realise I'm the only one still there, and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in this escape room while the rest of my class have driven back to school. I freak out and call my Dad to pick me up. When he gets there, I walk outside and see my classmates are there, even when they weren't a moment before. Something else probably happens after that, and then I wake up.

      First mostly nonsensical dream I've had in a while, I've really gotta stop consuming zombie media or else it'll be the only thing I dream about.
      Tags: dad, school, zombie
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Zombie Island

      by , 04-11-2023 at 11:56 AM
      I wasn't going to post this because I can barely recall enough to make sense out of it, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Interpret these little memory fragments as you will:

      I'm in a red room somewhere that resembles some sort of small resting area? In the middle theres a few couches, where myself and two others are sitting. Around the perimeter of the room are smaller rooms that are separated by these cherry blossom panel dividers, inside the rooms is a king size bed and a bed side table, like a very compact hotel room. I should also mention in this dream I seem to be around 11-12 years old? And so are the two people sitting on the couch next to me.
      I'm not sure what happens between this scene and the next, but suddenly the room fills with zombies, (I have been watching a lot of zombie movies lately... not surprising), and the two kids sitting with me, who I recognise as friends, are turned. These aren't like regular media zombies though, after the initial wave they don't attack anyone else unless provoked, they just kind of hang around?
      Then a group of army men come into the room and start taking away any survivors. For some reason I figure staying in this zombie building is better than being taken by the army men, so I pretend to be a zombie, but somehow I give myself away and I'm kidnapped as well and taken away to an island.

      What I think is a lot of time passes between that scene and the next. I see my 12 year old self sitting on a dock as I watch army men march past me and load on to a boat. (As the men march past I also explicitly remember seeing my reflection in a puddle on the dock and thinking about how ugly I am, ouch!).
      I forget what happens between that, as now I'm in some kind of post apocalyptic classroom, being taught something. I have a faint memory of talking with someone who was probably a friend, and a bully. The next thing I remember is being outside in the school yard of that post apocalyptic school, talking with aforementioned friend.

      That's all I remember. I wish I could recall more, would've probably made for a much cooler story.
      Tags: school, zombie
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. $42,000,000,000

      by , 04-08-2023 at 07:53 AM
      While sitting on the stairs of a large, white double story house (which I guess would have been mine), I receive a call from someone who I don't know, but apparently trust. He tells me that there is a very powerful group who I owe about $42 billion to, and if I don't have that money in 2 days time I'm a dead man.
      I obviously freak out about this, and the next day the unknown number calls me again and tells me he has connections with a pawn shop, and a list of very valuable items I'd be able to make a lot of money off of if I brought them to his shop. The first one is one of those blue and white chinese vases, which he tells me is worth $6 billion! He says it's in the hands of a family owned chinese restaurant just down the road from where I live. I drive out there, walk in to the restaurant and see a gray, shabby pot on the counter, which the phone man assures me is the vase. I ask the man at the counter if I can buy that pot, and he gives it to me for $16. As I'm walking back to my car, I open the lid to the pot and see the ancient vase inside.
      The next day, I drive down to the phone man's pawn shop and try to sell it to the person at the counter, who tells me he'll take it for a couple grand. Now I'm panicking, because the money is due today and I'm being told the vase that was apparently worth $6 billion is actually only a couple grand.
      I try to call the phone man to ask him what to do, but I wake up.

      I've been very stressed about deadlines lately, so maybe this is my subconscious way to tell myself to do those 2 missing assignments...
      Tags: money
    15. Grocery Store

      by , 04-07-2023 at 02:27 PM
      This is actually a dream I had a while ago, but I wanted to share it.
      I'm walking through a grocery store with my Dad, and he's talking to me, but I can't remember what he was saying. Every few minutes or so, I look up at my Dad as he keeps talking and I notice him getting older and older, yet I haven't aged at all. The two of us go through the whole store. Eventually, I can't hear my Dad's voice anymore. By the time I've reached the check out, I'm by myself. The cashier asks if I want a bag, and all I can do is look back into the store, before walking off into the closed shopping centre.

      That dream has stuck with me for a while now, one of the most cohesive and meaningful dreams I've had.
      Tags: dad, shop