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    Zombie Island

    by , 04-11-2023 at 11:56 AM (201 Views)
    I wasn't going to post this because I can barely recall enough to make sense out of it, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Interpret these little memory fragments as you will:

    I'm in a red room somewhere that resembles some sort of small resting area? In the middle theres a few couches, where myself and two others are sitting. Around the perimeter of the room are smaller rooms that are separated by these cherry blossom panel dividers, inside the rooms is a king size bed and a bed side table, like a very compact hotel room. I should also mention in this dream I seem to be around 11-12 years old? And so are the two people sitting on the couch next to me.
    I'm not sure what happens between this scene and the next, but suddenly the room fills with zombies, (I have been watching a lot of zombie movies lately... not surprising), and the two kids sitting with me, who I recognise as friends, are turned. These aren't like regular media zombies though, after the initial wave they don't attack anyone else unless provoked, they just kind of hang around?
    Then a group of army men come into the room and start taking away any survivors. For some reason I figure staying in this zombie building is better than being taken by the army men, so I pretend to be a zombie, but somehow I give myself away and I'm kidnapped as well and taken away to an island.

    What I think is a lot of time passes between that scene and the next. I see my 12 year old self sitting on a dock as I watch army men march past me and load on to a boat. (As the men march past I also explicitly remember seeing my reflection in a puddle on the dock and thinking about how ugly I am, ouch!).
    I forget what happens between that, as now I'm in some kind of post apocalyptic classroom, being taught something. I have a faint memory of talking with someone who was probably a friend, and a bully. The next thing I remember is being outside in the school yard of that post apocalyptic school, talking with aforementioned friend.

    That's all I remember. I wish I could recall more, would've probably made for a much cooler story.
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