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    Woman in the high rise

    by , 02-04-2019 at 02:49 PM (162 Views)
    I woke up in bed after feeling a bit uncomfortable, i didn't feel too well, and i had a bunch of swirling thoughts in my head.

    I put on an indie rock playlist as i fell asleep, its on YouTube somewhere called "Slowcore/shoegaze mix" or something.
    It was very relaxing and i started to feel really good.
    After a while, i begin to visualize, visualize my PR, then another while passed and i started to feel insane vibrations, like i was floating, i knew for a fact i was astral projecting, but i could still feel and tune into my physical body.

    I start floating like a ghost around my house, down the steps, next to the front door. Even though the eyes on my astral body didnt see a damn thing... I sorta felt what it looked like. Hard to explain.

    Then i started visualizing again, i tried to go outside but something.. OR someONE... told me not to go out there, it.looked dark and spooky so i just kept visualizing again, but this time i popped up in a place within my PR!

    It was in a separate universe called "the heartscapes", has a very nostalgic, big city nights vibe to it.
    (My pr is insanely massive, it spans 3 universes..)

    Anyways we are in this high rise and there is this beautiful woman there, we started talking about something idk... I was just so damn mezmorized as to how awesome the buildings aesthetic felt, how high up we were, the lighting, the mood, it was all so lovely, and i was especially interested in her.

    We were in this lounge sorta deal couches, open space, ect.
    She had on a light blue/periwinkle type of outfit on, and i felt insanely good around her. Like. UNBELIEVABLE.

    I think we were talking about how i got there, what i needed to do, and such, just like a guide, well. Spoiler alert, she is a guide and i knew her wayyy before this dream/obe

    So yeah that was fun!

    When i woke up, i felt amazing and had this new perspective on life as well

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    1. Harmony's Avatar

      Hey, thanks for sharing your experience, it was a good read and sounds like a nice night. I think I understand what you mean about not seeing but feeling the environment you were floating around in your astral body too. I was just wondering though, what exactly you mean by your "PR"? I'm not familiar with the term and didn't see it defined anywhere. Thanks again for sharing either way though!
    2. Skipper1100's Avatar
      Well, a PR, or a Persistent Realm, is a world you go to in your dreams. Like, a consistent world, not just something that dissipates when you wake up, meaning like... it stays there, even if you leave

      It's just like how, waking reality works. People still move and do things, even if you're unconscious, but if you're conscious, you can see it happening.
      Some PR's are very rigid and have a lot of rules and such, but mine is very, flexible.

      I could go on and on, but that's really a basic understanding of Persistent Realms

      Persistent Realms are really fascinating. I highly recommend making one.

      Also, you seem familiar, do i know you from somewhere?