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    side notes

    Side Notes

    1. Vivid Containers and Short Lucid False Awakening

      by , 10-28-2012 at 08:22 PM
      Non lucid

      Part 1
      Actually woke up from sleep. I lay still and tried to remember my dreams.
      I remembered a fragment of a line of metal fold out chairs with some people filling some of the seats. A big person in the middle chair had a red hooded sweatshirt on. Something was going on but I can't remember what.
      I was to tired to get up and write this down or try WBTB so I settled on doing a MILD
      Tons of colourful imagery flowed through my mind.... Houses, a Lion, other animals, and landscapes. Then I saw to ovals(one blue and one orange) with holes in them form into the tops of two industrial like containers. Both were about the size of a trash can but were slightly skinnier and had straight sides.

      They were made out of metal and had minorly complex rods and levers to open and lock them shut. The origional ovals had transformed into a second layer that resembled the top of a smooth shiitake mushroom (no flat spots but not to rounded either). The tops still had holes in them and covered a flat lid that shared a ceiling surface with the containers. The shiitake like covers attached to the underlying lid via welded tabs around the circumference of its curved base. I think that some sort of filtering vent contraptions were hidden between the curved top lids and the flat ceiling lids. The lid assemblies also had heavy duty hinges that connected them to the containers. The two containers colors (blue and orange respectively) were very vivid. Over all the shape of each container was like super cylindrical salt or pepper shaker with contraptions on them, larger and fewer holes in the top, and a ceiling surface.

      I liked this imagery and the two containers became dozens of vivid blue and orange containers all laid out in front of me. Then this faded and I thought I'd get up to use the restroom. False Awakening

      Part 2
      I spun my feet out of bed as I lifted my body up. I floated effortlessly on to my feet and realized that I was dreaming. I stood beside my bed and then dizilly made my way over to the middle of my bedroom. Even though I knew I was dreaming I also felt that I was trying to WILD for some reason and I felt disoriented. I decided to lie back down because I found the disorientation to be uncomfortable. I stumbled over a laundry basket and foot board that don't exist in real life. I fell face first toward the bed, hovered about 4 inches from the covers, and then sank a little.

      I awoke for real, did a reality check, and got up for a minute.
    2. Reacuring Mountain Scape, Locations and a new Plaza 07/11/2011

      by , 07-10-2011 at 03:56 PM
      6:30 AM
      Poor Recall

      Quick notes on these recurring locations.
      There are basically two overall settings in this dream. Both are massively large and "arcing" settings outside either end of my childhood hometown which is a small country town in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Yosemite National Park. The two settings are connected in some way(not just physical transition). The two can mostly be distinguished by the types of "out of place" locations that get mixed in, DC that I see, and % of time I spend looking down compared to being near to the ground.
      The lower end is further away and mostly West South-West. The upper is closer and located between South-East and North-East. I almost never wonder outside of these areas while in these settings.

      OK Dream Bit One
      Outside east end of town a new plaza is constructed, could be open but I don't see any many cars and there is a line of confusing road signs all cluttered and blocking. I think I was headed to the plaza for some reason but I'm not sure why. (note: this may be representative of my waiting to hear back after a job interview.)

      Dream Bit Two
      Some points during dream I get areal views that transition me from specific to specific location(but I'm not flying).
      Outside the west end of town a long dirt road comes down a mountain side curving slowly and steep around through the sparse trees... I transition and wind up at a Large familiar river that is not near my hometown yet somehow resembles a ditch that is. (This mixture of ditch and river is pretty common but always takes a slightly different form.) Today the river was pretty full from a couple tributaries that added to it and was pouring down from a small water fall that I was looking over towards. Good feeling here today.