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    1. A LUCID - And Dead Friend Visiting

      by , 04-16-2018 at 06:16 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I can't remember much from my lucid dream, but I remember being in a room and knowing it's a dream.
      I looked around me and everything was confirming to me that it's a dream. I wasn't excited, I was just calmly aware that it's a dream.
      I remember about 30 seconds of just marinading in the fact that I'm in a dream.

      Next thing I remember is non-lucid. Being in a supermarket with a girl. The girl was either my ex, or an old school friend. It kinda feels like one moment it was one of them, the next moment it was the other. They kept switching. So I'll just refer to them as "the girl".

      Me and the girl went into a shop. We were looking at computer chairs, and there was some sort of fuss about a pen. I can't remember what the heck actually happened but it was chaotic.

      I remember leaving the store with a wheeled chair and then coming back and passing the shop, and then giving the chair back and getting shouted at, and then I got all upset because I didn't mean to steal. Then all the staff surrounded me and comforted me. One woman said "I believe in yin and yang and stuff like that" and I said "I do to!" while I'm practically crying. Super weird.

      Next thing I remember is running through the building with the girl as we were being chased by some sort of monster. We made it outside and jumped over a bush and hid under the bush.

      Next thing I remember is spooning with the girl (except I was the little spoon... I'm always the big spoon...) and we were watching something on a smartphone.

      Next thing I remember is walking with the girl, and approaching 3 of my old school friends. I saw my friend who has passed away in real life. In my head I was like, "I knew you weren't dead!!" I went to hug him but he backed off. He was still not talking to me.
      (Backstory: In real life, we fell out not long before he died. I blamed myself for his death for a while. This dream is clearly showing I still feel fuckin terrible about it)

      The whole rest of the dream I was trying to make up with my friend. I wanted so badly to be friends with him again. I think part of me was still slightly lucid because somewhere inside me I knew I only had limited time to do it.

      I remember watching a big TV in an outdoor TV area with a bunch of friends and the girl.
      When the TV show finished, people started to get up and leave, as if it was a cinema.
      I made eye contact with my friend and I said, "please..." and he said something that basically meant "no I don't want to talk to you anymore".
      I started crying, then I got angry, then cried again and apologized for getting angry. He walked away.

      This dream is looaaaaded with stuff to interpret. I don't need to record my interpretation because it's clear as day to me, what all of it meant.
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      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    2. Plane Crash

      by , 04-14-2018 at 03:56 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)

      - - -

      I was in a plane with my family, we were probably on a flight to America. (We're going there at the end of the year in real life)

      I was sitting next to my sister on the plane.

      The plane started to go down and turn on its side. My first thought was "this is quite a steep turn". Then it got so steep that I knew we were about to crash.
      My sister fainted and fell into the middle isle of the plane.

      I jumped into the isle, sat down and picked up my sister and put her in my arms. My thought was "If I hold her just right, I can cushion the impact and maybe she'll survive". I pretty much expected to die.

      Down the plane went. The farther down it went, the more I adjusted myself to give my sister the best chance, and the more I braced for impact.
      The plane pulled up at the last moment and I then knew the impact would not be as bad as I first thought.


      Next thing I remember is carrying my sister down a street with hundreds of people running about, and bombs going off.
      We were in some sort of Eastern, war-filled country. Sandy streets, sand-coloured buildings.

      My mum was running beside me. I was worried about my dad and the rest of the family, but I trusted my dad to deal with that. All I cared about was getting my mum and my unconscious sister to safety.
      I looked up and saw a missile come towards us, so I shouted, "This way!" and I turned left and my mum followed. We escaped the missile.

      - - -

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      Tags: family
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Plenty of Kissing

      by , 03-25-2018 at 08:37 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I was in a bar with some friends. I turned around and saw a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, sitting at a table about 5 feet away and she was looking at me. I locked eyes with her.
      I could tell she wanted me to come and talk to her (which is weird because in waking life, I am terrible at recognizing flirtations) so I walked up to her.
      She looked at me all seductive like, and said, "So... wanna get out of here and..."
      I scanned my mind for the best way to say "yes", but nothing came to mind. Instead, I softly touched her leg which was dressed in black mesh tights. She smiled, so I knew I hadn't stepped out of line.
      I continued to stroke her leg and I leaned in for a kiss. We kissed. It was so good.

      I woke up. I really wanted to jump back into the dream, perhaps with DEILD, especially since I was conscious enough that I hadn't moved or opened my eyes.
      But I wanted to test out my "WBTB Lucid Dream Reminder Track" that I created, which has my own voice reminding me "this is a dream" over and over. So I picked up my phone, switched on the unlisted YouTube video on my phone, and laid back down.
      It took me a while to get back to sleep, but I remained still because I knew I would fall back asleep.

      Next thing I know, I'm driving my old, first car (black Ford Ka, little dinky thing). I had some of my old school friends (Craig, Alan and Ben) in the car with me.
      We drove into this big car park for what looked like some sort of shopping center.
      However it was not a shopping center. It was a big building full of games.
      We chose a time to meet back at the car, then we went in and we were each given a circular badge (I think with our names on them).

      The first game I remember playing was half indoors and half outdoors. We were running round some sort of cool obstacle course. There was more details to the game but I can't remember.

      The next thing I remember is finding an indoor game, held in what seemed a bit like a Gym hall from school. I stood and watched while people were split into teams, each team with a different colour vest. And it seemed the game had something to do with pushing trolleys about.

      I decided I wanted to give it a go, so I walked in and the yellow team claimed me. I got given a yellow vest and was pointed towards the yellow team.
      I was trying to speak, but it felt like I was clenching my jaw so tightly that I couldn't speak. This was definitely REM ationia shining through.
      I grabbed a trolley, and I met a young woman with blonde hair in my team (but not the same girl from the previous dream).
      I played the game, but I cannot remember how it went.

      Next thing I remember is being back in the main bit of the huge building, again it felt like a shopping center.
      I met the blonde girl again. I can't remember how it happened, but we ended up kissing. Again, so good.
      Then we ended up split apart, but we were still talking, through our badges which had a microphone and speaker in them.
      We met again a few times, each time we would start kissing, and each time it was amazing.

      The way we were talking, it felt like we were going to end up in a relationship.

      Next thing I remember is I had two badges, and I stuck them on my ears. In one badge, I was talking to the girl. In the other badge, I was talking to a school friend so I wouldn't forget that I have people to give a ride home.

      Next thing I remember is being inside the building, near the front entrance, and I went into a section which seemed like a hospital. I got lost trying to get back out, and the doctors and nurses were complaining about my presence. Eventually I found my way out.

      Then I remember getting a slush puppy and meeting the blonde girl again. We kissed some more. Then split up again.
      I was pretty excited that I had met a girl. But I kept reminding myself that I've got friends here and they need a lift home soon.

      I went outside to see if anyone was at the car yet. As soon as I walked outside I saw two people from my school (but not the ones who came with me). In real life, these two have been an item since high school and they are still together and doing well. So what I saw really surprised me. They were shouting and balling at each other.

      I walked past them, feeling quite awkward, and I saw other people from school watching them.

      I don't remember what happened next, the next thing I remember is finding out that the girl I had been kissing, is not going to have a relationship with me.
      I remember walking out of the center with my friends, and beside me was Bernadette from Big Bang Theory (except she was my age, it felt like she was an old school friend).
      Bernadette said, "Sorry it didn't work out..."
      I replied, "Ach it's fine. I've dropped the whole idea of getting a girlfriend so things like this don't hurt me anymore."

      Then I remember me and my friends, and a whole bunch of other people, running out of the building and down the side of the car park. It felt like Mario Kart, it was so chaotic.
      We reached this big mound of grass, like a small hill. We ran up the mound and flew off it, as if we just jumped a ramp in a car. It was really fun, flying through the air, then crashing into the ground and people were toppling on top of each other. Then we got up and started running back the way and continued the "race".

      And I think that is the point I woke up.
      My phone has this stupid Whatsapp reminder that pops up and it causes YouTube to stop playing before my voice even kicks in, so I now know why this damn "Reminder Track" hasn't been working.

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    4. Dream Within a Dream!

      by , 03-23-2018 at 10:55 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I was driving a van, I can't remember why. In the van with me, was my sister and a good friend of mine (whom I've not spoken to in a while).

      We reached my childhood home. My mum was living there. (In waking life, my mum moved out of that house about 4 years ago)
      We were at my mum's house purely to make some sort of juice filled with fruit. My friend came in with me and she started making the juice. To be honest, it was more like some sort of chunky fruit soup, but we put it in travel mugs. I went upstairs to find my travel mug. It was really weird because I used what felt like waking-life memory to find the lid of the mug, but it was of course a false memory since I remembered it being in my old bedroom. Now that I wake up, I'm trying to remember where the lid actually is in my current home, but I can't for the life of me remember. It's lost.

      Anyway, I found the mug and the lid, filled it up with that weird fruit soup, then we went back to the van. But this time my friend took the wheel, not me.

      It felt like we were on some sort of adventure. But the scene somehow completely changed. I was now in a building with my family. My mum, 3 of my grandparents, and my little uncle (yeah, an uncle who's younger than me) were all there, and I think a few others from my family. The building was some sort of place filled with antiques on several floors. Each floor had a booth with a guy in it, and there were many people rushing up the levels to snatch an antique and take it to the booth to be cleared.

      So, we were all in this mad competition with all these people. Me and my mum and a couple of others ended up in competition with my little uncle. I remember getting angry at him and we all tried to run ahead of him up the levels, but he kept catching up with us and trying to take our antique from us.

      Then guitar plectrums got involved in the whole thing. The ground and the stairs were all covered in plectrums, and for some reason it felt advantageous to pick up a plectrum and strum some guitars that were sitting by, as we ran past them. I remember a few people from school appearing and shouting about the plectrums. While running, I remember giving a plectrum to one of those old schoolmates, and another schoolmate being confused as to why I would give up my advantage like that.

      We eventually lost my little uncle (after a lot of harsh fighting with him) and we made it out of the building, at the top. But somehow we were not like, on the roof, we were just, outside. It felt like we had won over my little uncle.

      Then I remember 2 of my grandparents (my dad's parents) being outside, they were just chilling as if on holiday.

      Then, next thing I remember is "waking up" and then being at a big table filled with my whole family. My little uncle was there, and I still had some left-over feelings of hatred towards him, but I questioned it. I was like "Hold on, Cammy, you were in my dream last night. So weird..." and in realizing the whole feud was just a dream, I let go of the feelings of hatred and competition and just enjoyed the time with my family.

      Then the scene changed again, I was back with the van. But my friend was gone. It was just me and my sister. But we were trying to find a spot where my friend could find us, because we knew that my friend was in her own car and would be trying to find us by now. So we parked down this little dirt path on a hill and walked about to find an ideal spot to stand and wait.

      Really weird. I had a dream within a dream.

      And yesterday, some repressed emotions about my family came to the surface, and I feel that this dream was reflecting that. But all my negative emotions towards my family got directed completely towards my little uncle. And I feel bad about that. The poor soul, he hasn't done me any wrong AT ALL in life. But I think my mind was using him as a way to mirror my unnecessarily harsh feelings towards my family, back to me. Basically showing me that I've been overthinking the whole thing with my family.

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    5. Omg Calum! You're Alive? Aw... no...

      by , 03-16-2018 at 04:53 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I was forced to stay awake this morning after waking from an amazing dream (carpet fitters coming today). Which is a tad annoying... I really wanted to dive back into the dream.

      I remember being in my old high school. It felt half like a normal day in school, and half like it was some sort of reunion.
      My old school friend, Calum, was there. What's cool about that is, he passed away a year and a half ago, so it was seriously good to see him. But in the dream, I was not aware of his passing. It was entirely normal to see him.

      I remember it came to home time and I left the school with Calum. We were talking about what to do now. He suggested we go play some Call of Duty. I assumed he meant at his house, then it turned out he meant my house, so I was like "Ohh yeah that's fine, I've got Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Ohh and by the way, my flatmate says he's gonna get Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3."
      It's weird because the thing about my flatmate was a genuine memory from waking life, but none of my other memories seemed to be active, since I didn't question Calum's existence.

      Next thing I remember is being back in school the next day. I remember being in a class with Calum and some other people I knew from school.
      The girl to the left of me started touching my hand. So I softly stroked her hand back.
      Later on, that girl started touching my arm so I put my hand on her hand. I liked it, but because of being in company, I felt really awkward so I was simultaneously looking around and talking to people.
      I was never attracted to this girl while in school, but the way she showed affection in this dream was more than enough to make me like her.

      I woke up to find I was curled up in a ball, with my hand on my arm in the exact place the girl was touching my arm.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Victor Oddo was a meanie ;_;

      by , 03-13-2018 at 05:58 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I wanna record this fragment of my dream from this morning.

      I met Victor Oddo (a spiritual YouTuber who helped me at the beginning of my spiritual journey. The kind of help he gave was drastically important to me).
      I was so excited to meet him, and he invited me into his house. So, I walked with him up the hill to his apartment block.
      In his house, there were quite a few people there. The atmosphere was weird. It was very chill. But it reminded me of what a room full of druggies feels like.

      I said something to Victor, I can't remember what.
      He responded, I can't remember what, but I remember it being very cold and uncaring. It frustrated me a little bit.
      I think I said something else, and he responded even colder. I got weirdly upset about this, because Victor in real life seems like a top guy!

      Eventually my frustration and sadness turned into full-on rage. I screamed at him, something like, "FUCK YOU, YOU COMPLETE FUCKING PRICK. YOU'RE SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE..." And I stormed out.

      Later in the dream, I saw Victor again and I apologized to him, because I felt like I was completely unfair to him, and because I probably simply misunderstood him.
      He said, "That's okay man, I understand." And he said something wise, like he does in his YouTube videos. Then he invited me back to his house.
      We got into his house again and the exact same thing happened. He turned into a total asshole as soon as being around all his friends.

      I think this repeated like 3 or 4 times before I gave up with him. I got sick of apologizing for his own assholery.

      Later in the dream, there was snow and I was building a tiny igloo next to my sister and her igloo. I got in the igloo and it felt like me and my sister were competing against each other (in what way, I have no idea).
      I still felt angry about the whole thing with Victor. I was so let down.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Whoa there doggy!

      by , 03-10-2018 at 03:26 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I just want to record this dream fragment.

      There were two guard dogs sitting in what looked like a place you'd keep sheep (a pen?). Two different breeds. I have no idea why they were in a pen because they could jump out easily.
      In fact, one of them did jump out.

      It was a big, dark grey dog. Like this, except a little bit more muscular:

      It jumped on me and easily overpowered me.
      It started biting my face, but it was like play-bites. I was laughing away, like I usually do when dogs give me loads of attention. I loved it.
      All the while, being pinned down by this great big dog, I knew fine well that this beast could chew through my face like butter.

      I think the dog's owner was nearby and wondering why their guard dog has come off of guard duty.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. First Lucid in Ages!

      by , 03-09-2018 at 05:13 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I had quite a good string of dreams this morning. I can only remember flashes of them now.

      I remember standing in the middle of a street with some people for some reason (I remember it was a weird reason, but I cannot remember the reason), I turned round and saw a beautiful woman cross the street. I dunno why but I wanted to talk to her. But, she was gone before I could do anything. I turned back round and continued whatever it was I was doing.
      I turns round again and saw the same woman crossing the street.
      I shouted to her, "You're beautiful!"
      She replied, "Aww aren't you a cutey pie."
      And she walked away and I never saw from her again. I started to fill with regret, that I didn't run up to her and start talking to her.

      Next thing I remember is being in a house with my cousins and some other family.
      This was a really weird bit, but I just can't remember it. I remember having a mattress to sleep on in the house.
      When we went outside, that's when it got weird. I think we were playing some sort of sport which our lives depended on. Right now, the vague memory of it feels like a Roman chariot fight to the death or something.

      My entire dream(s) was flooded with thoughts about my new Advaita Vedanta thread I just posted last night. I worked hard on it, so all the major words kept repeating in my mind. I'm pretty sure I was trying to teach people in the dream.

      Next thing I remember is being in a club, or a bar. I think some part of me was trying to re-create the first incident with a girl, so I went round complimenting girls. But they all just looked at me like I'm a freak.

      Next thing I remember is, somehow, back in the house, I was kissing a girl. I don't even know what she looks like, I only remember having my eyes shut and kissing her.

      Then BOOM, I realized it was a dream!
      I continued to kiss her. I felt myself waking up, it was like a reverse-transition, likely due to excitement, so I calmed myself down, but I wanted to keep kissing, so I kept going.
      While kissing, I was thinking to myself, "I should really open my eyes and stabilize this dream. I should really stop kissing and stabilize the dream."
      But nope, I kept my eyes shut and kept kissing.
      30 seconds later, I must have lost my consciousness or something because that was the end of my lucid dream.

      I cannot remember the rest.

      First lucid in aaaages! And it's all thanks to giving up weed. Quick results! I love it.

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    9. I met Slash!

      by , 02-23-2018 at 05:01 AM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I just wanted to record this fragment of a dream I had 2 nights ago.

      I saw Slash with a crowd of people around him. Slash was shaking everyone's hand. I stood and watched for about 10 seconds before walking through the crowd to meet him.

      I said "Slash! Oh my god man, you were my inspiration! Thank you!" and I put my hand out to shake his hand.
      Slash reached out and gave me a hug.

      I said "Oh my god, so much love!"

      And that's all I remember from this scene. It was a pretty awesome moment.
      Although I remember thinking, "Weird, he looks a lot like my uncle Stuart."
      The rest of the dream heavily involved my family. And the whole dream was filled with themes of love.
      Tags: family, slash
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. I thought I got a nice new car :(

      by , 02-07-2018 at 04:01 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      I can't remember how the dream began, but I remember being in the house I grew up in.

      I was in the kitchen and saw a really fast, nice, silver car pull into the driveway quickly. I didn't see who was driving it, I was confused. I opened the front door and found it was my mother, and I found that it was a Mercedes AMG. Then I looked up the driveway onto the road and saw another silver Mercades, slightly different, less sporty, sitting on the road just outside the driveway.

      I was like "Where did you get this car! It's amazing!"

      My mum said "It means you can..." and then something interrupted her, I think it was my sister.

      Then I asked again and she can "It's for y..." and she was interrupted again.

      I asked one more time and she was interrupted again. "Gahddammit" I thought... I just wanted to confirm the car is for me, but I didn't want to just assume it is.

      Then, from the kitchen I saw a really nice modern rally car. Orange and black. It drove really fast into the driveway and did a skid. My mum was like "what the heck". I was like "whoaa did you see that?" Then I think more cars came. I think we assumed it was the car company my mum went to, and they've followed her back, to try sell more cars or something ridiculous like that.

      Then I went out to the driveway, and suddenly my whole family was in the house and in the garden and driveway. I used to see my family a lot in waking life, but not so much any more. All my cousins looked young, the age I remember them most at. Now they are all grown up so it was weird to wake up from this.

      I remember noticing that I was wearing a woolly jumper that I've been wearing recently in the past few days, IWL. I think I took the jumper off in the dream for some reason.

      Then I woke up. During the dream, the whole time I just wanted to drive that Merc AMG. I woke up disappointed

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    11. Work, Car, Void

      by , 02-03-2018 at 11:19 AM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      Tryna build my recall. As I write this entry I find myself remembering little glimspses of other dreams from the past few days. I won't bother trying to record them but I'll take it as a good sign. I can't even remember this morning's dream in a linear fashion, it's just an explosion of glimpses in my mind.

      In my dream, I was in my old job. I've had a few dreams with this particular element in it over the past few months. I also owned my last (late) car again. I drove about in my car before and after work, just like I did in real life. I smoked in the car, just like I used to.

      I was late to work, just like I used to be. But I was more late than usual. In fact this lateness has happened in every dream about my old work. I only vaguely remember dropping shopping off to customers.
      I remember driving about Glasgow in the work van filled with customer shopping. But only briefly.

      I remember a massive element of this dream was "The void" which I've been referring to a lot IWL in my efforts to spread enlightenment. I was teaching people enlightenment throughout the entire dream.

      I remember being in my car with an old friend, we were smoking. We went somewhere, I can't remember where, but I was getting later and later for work. I think I eventually said "screw work!" or something along those lines.

      Note to self:
      I am noticing "The Void" more and more in-dream. This is really good, it means my enlightenment is truly sinking in. But I have a feeling I can take this further and use it as a sleep/dream yoga. Especially when lucid. I seem to wake up a lot when noticing The Void. I often refer to enlightenment as "super lucidity", so it makes sense. I get super lucid and wake up.

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    12. Saving the World

      by , 01-23-2018 at 03:16 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      In this dream I had decided to save the world through enlightenment. This is something I decided to do in waking life about a year ago but only recently is it really sinking in and reflecting in my dreams. And I've recently come into contact with the Boddhisattva vows, which is all about being enlightened to save the world, rather than for the sake of one's own Nirvana. It resonated so well with me, because I was already on a path similar to that of a Boddhisattva.

      I remembered the dream so crystal clearly when I woke up, but now that I've opened my eyes and started to write, it's gone...

      I remember being in my car (I don't have a car IWL anymore, it was my old car from years ago) and I was giving people a ride, except I was introducing them to enlightenment on the way. Or I don't exactly remember driving it, but I remember it felt like the car was way past full, like 10 people in this little hatchback.

      To my mind, as I was introducing them to enlightenment, it felt like I was literally saving their lives and their reactions confirmed it.

      There was something else about this dream... I can't remember what it was... Gahd dammit...

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. First LD in Ages - Morning of 28th July 2011

      by , 07-28-2011 at 04:24 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      It's been a fairly long time since I had a Lucid Dream. So this was pretty awesome for me.

      So, I was in a non-lucid dream first. It had this group of people, the only one I remember the name of was "Sonic". I think Sonic was a girl, although for some strange reason, it was in my head that it was sonic the hedgehog. I'm pretty sure there is a reason behind that, but I can't remember.
      We were at a big table in the middle of a city, outside. There were sort of bushes around us, so it wasn't easy to see in at us.

      I then woke up. I was lying there very still, and I then realized that I had the opportunity to DEILD.
      My normal method would be to repeat to myself something like "I'm going into a dream, I'm going into a dream" or something. But for some weird reason, I did that as well as singing the intro to the song "Darkness" by Disturbed. It did help my concentration and focus, and I wish I could say that was the reason I did it, but there was no logic behind me doing that.

      And then I went back into the dream, lucidly. Everything around me was the same as before. I then convinced the dream characters that it was a dream. I obviously wasn't thinking straight, because I saw them as real people that I knew from real life, and that it was a shared dream.

      Anyways, to convince them that it was indeed a dream, I went to show off my powers.
      I turned towards the building behind us, it was a big sky-scraper, kind of like the Empire State Building. I took a breath and prepared my mind for doing some awesome power stuff.
      I then lifted my arms in a sort of motion that suggested I was doing some telekinesis to lift something heavy up from far away.
      Water started to rise up the building very fast and it exploded out the windows and wrecked the building.
      The funny thing is, my aim in that was to do it so fast that the water reaches the top, and a woman was to fly out and land on the table next to us. I believe I was aiming for the wife of one of the people with me.
      It's very hard to describe what it actually looked like when I did this, but it was truly amazing, and the feeling of power was awesome.
      But I was only able to get the water about half way up the building before it felt too heavy to handle. So the water slowed down and then came crashing down.
      It was very strange, because it felt like I was properly using my muscles and stuff. It was so realistic.

      So, I prepared my mind for it again, I convinced myself that it is weightless and that I don't need to strain myself to do it. So I did it again, and it took barely any effort to push the water the full way up. (I didn't blast the woman out of the building though )
      And although it didn't take much effort, I could still feel my muscles and mind doing the stuff. So there was still realism there.

      Then I woke up, I think. I moved a little bit, but I tried to DEILD-chain it anyways. And it worked.

      So I was back at the table. I don't remember much of what happened at this point. Probably just boring stuff talking to the people. And in fact I think at some people I woke up again and DEILD-chained back in again. I don't remember anything now except talking to people randomly about shared dreaming and stuff.

      All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the dream. That telekinesis was awesome, and it felt great to be lucid again generally.
    14. Morning of June 28th 2010

      by , 06-28-2010 at 06:07 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      So, this morning, I has a pretty awesome dream. I did in fact become lucid in it, for the first time in a long while.

      The first I remember of the dream was that there was a bunch of DV members, and we were racing through the sky, flying. I know there was more before that lead up to this, but I just cannot remember. The people who I remember were definitely there, was Tyler and DuB, and I think ninja too. There was a load more, at least 5 or 6 more, but I don't remember who they were. So, we were flying in the sky, and below us was the weirdest sight ever. The ground was like made of huge 2D squares, some higher and some lower. So the ground wasn't all connected together, it was really weird. It was also kind of blue-ish. I think it was part sea, and part land. Very strange thing to see.

      We came up to a wooden building in the sky, where we took a break (The race wasn't competitive, just a little bit of fun), and some of us were just playing around out side, flying around the building, etc. And then one of the DV members, possibly DuB pushed me, and I started to fall to the ground, and I couldn't fly back up.

      Then, as I was falling, I had the strangest sudden realisation it was a dream. I just kinda went "wait, THIS IS A DREAM OMG" and then I instantly flew back up to the building where everyone was.
      I started jumping around all excited. I'm surprised I didn't wake up, actually. But, I did actually say to myself while I was jumping about, "Ah, I'm gunna wake up at this rate", so I calmed it down a bit. I was still excited though. So I ran around happy, and I told everyone that it is a dream. I started flying around too, shouting at everyone, going "Guy's it's a fucking dream, do a fucking reality check"
      Then one by one, each of them started to do their reality checks, and they all "became lucid" too.
      At the time, I was slightly deluded, and I thought they were all the real people (i.e. Dream sharing) But I don't think it was a shared dream.

      We all started to show off all our skills. One of them did a back flip or something while flying. Then I went "Hah, that's nothing", and I stood straight up, and the Iron Man suit (Iron Man suit is practically my signature style in LDs) started to go on me, like in Iron Man 2 where he puts the case down and stands on it, and the suit goes on him. Like this:

      I felt so awesome while doing that. Then I flew up a bit, to show off my thrusters, etc. Then dropped back down. Then I think someone else put on an Iron Man suit.

      My memory is getting a bit fuzzy at this point, but I know there wasn't much left of the dream before I woke up.
      The little wooden building turned into a house, where we all lived. (I guess I lost control of the situation. But I was still lucid)
      And I remember that Tyler was sick, or something, so he was lying in bed.

      And that is really all I remember. Some other stuff happened in Tyler's room, like flying around or something, but I don't remember well enough to say.

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    15. Morning of June 11th 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 03:24 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      This was a morning's dream just before I woke up a few days ago, I was too busy to write it at the time, so I'm just going to write what I remember of it, because it was such a strange dream.

      I'm a bit fuzzy about the order of what everything happened, but the first thing I remember about the dream is that me and someone else with me (I'll call this person "Person X" from now on), and we were being chased by people from Valve (The company that makes Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, etc.). In this dream, Valve were evil people who take people as slaves, and the work these slaves do allow the games on Steam to work.

      So, the first part I remember is that we were on an island, and we were in a cave which had quite a high ceiling. There were gaps in the ground, and you would die if you fell into one. And there were big rocks placed inside the cave, which we often used as cover.

      I think at this point, we had super powers. We could fly, and there was something to do with shooting red stuff from out hands. In fact, this stuff looked very similar to the stuff that comes out of the Medigun in Team Fortress 2, except it was slightly more lightning/electric looking.

      So, at this point, there was a sort of battle going on in this cave with the Valve bad guys. Me and Person X were using our powers as much as we could, but the Valve guys were more powerful.
      So, we took cover, then I did some sort of telekinesis push at Person X, in such a way that he/she fell into one of the gaps, but safely. I did it in such a way that he/she was able to grab onto the walls of the gap, but he/she was deep enough down so that the bad guys thought he/she was dead. (So I did it to save him/her, because I knew we were about to be taken)

      So about 2 seconds after doing that, the bad guys came round the corner of the rock and grabbed me, and took me outside.

      Outside the cave, the island looked very similar to that of a Halo 1 map. The Halo map I am referring to wasn't an Island, but the cliffs on that map looked very similar to the cliffs near the shore of the island.
      I think I then got loose and flew up. Then my memory is fuzzy, the next thing I remember after that is being with the bad guys again, and Person X was there I think.

      My memory is fuzzy after that again, now the next thing I remember is being with the slaves, it was much like a community of slaves. Like a village, except everyone was miserable and dirty. Then, I think someone, as punishment for something, was strapped to some sort of platform thing which was on a train track. And the platform rolled away into the middle of nowhere on the tracks.

      Then my memory is yet again failing me, but the next thing I remember now is me going on one of those platform things into the middle of nowhere. But I think I did it deliberately, I deliberately got into trouble so that I would be able to escape on one of those things.
      So, there I was in the middle of nowhere, I was able to struggle out of the ropes holding me in, and I started walking away from the tracks, for miles and miles. I reached this big white building. I think it was where the business of Valve goes on.
      Then, I remember something happening which made me run away. I think it was just someone coming out of the building who I didn't want to see me. And I also remember Person X being with me again at this point.

      We ran off to some sort of construction yard type place. And there was this box thing, it was white, and the walls were made of the same stuff the walls in portal are made of. Same colour, same texture.
      Example: (The box was much smaller than that room)

      Then, in the middle there was a strange looking ball thing with an orange glow coming from inside. It wasn't transparent, but there were sort of cracks in the ball with the light escaping from them. The ball also strangely reminded me of the type of thing you would find in portal, or possibly half life.

      So me and Person X were in that box hiding from the bad guys, and we were fascinated by this strange ball. I think we somehow came to the conclusion that it was something used to suck the energy out of people (Which is how they use people as ways to get the games to work)

      Then we noticed helicopters and tanks and stuff coming after us into the construction yard, and we were trying to figure out how the hell to get away from this one.

      After staying hidden for a little while, I think we decided to make a run for it.
      All I remember from here is running out of the box and then jumping on top of a crane, kind of like the way the guy in Assassin's Creed would do it. and the crane was low, and the box was high, so it was like how he would jump from roof to roof.

      Then that's all I remember. I think that might have been when I woke up.
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