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    Dream Within a Dream!

    by , 03-23-2018 at 10:55 PM (274 Views)
    I was driving a van, I can't remember why. In the van with me, was my sister and a good friend of mine (whom I've not spoken to in a while).

    We reached my childhood home. My mum was living there. (In waking life, my mum moved out of that house about 4 years ago)
    We were at my mum's house purely to make some sort of juice filled with fruit. My friend came in with me and she started making the juice. To be honest, it was more like some sort of chunky fruit soup, but we put it in travel mugs. I went upstairs to find my travel mug. It was really weird because I used what felt like waking-life memory to find the lid of the mug, but it was of course a false memory since I remembered it being in my old bedroom. Now that I wake up, I'm trying to remember where the lid actually is in my current home, but I can't for the life of me remember. It's lost.

    Anyway, I found the mug and the lid, filled it up with that weird fruit soup, then we went back to the van. But this time my friend took the wheel, not me.

    It felt like we were on some sort of adventure. But the scene somehow completely changed. I was now in a building with my family. My mum, 3 of my grandparents, and my little uncle (yeah, an uncle who's younger than me) were all there, and I think a few others from my family. The building was some sort of place filled with antiques on several floors. Each floor had a booth with a guy in it, and there were many people rushing up the levels to snatch an antique and take it to the booth to be cleared.

    So, we were all in this mad competition with all these people. Me and my mum and a couple of others ended up in competition with my little uncle. I remember getting angry at him and we all tried to run ahead of him up the levels, but he kept catching up with us and trying to take our antique from us.

    Then guitar plectrums got involved in the whole thing. The ground and the stairs were all covered in plectrums, and for some reason it felt advantageous to pick up a plectrum and strum some guitars that were sitting by, as we ran past them. I remember a few people from school appearing and shouting about the plectrums. While running, I remember giving a plectrum to one of those old schoolmates, and another schoolmate being confused as to why I would give up my advantage like that.

    We eventually lost my little uncle (after a lot of harsh fighting with him) and we made it out of the building, at the top. But somehow we were not like, on the roof, we were just, outside. It felt like we had won over my little uncle.

    Then I remember 2 of my grandparents (my dad's parents) being outside, they were just chilling as if on holiday.

    Then, next thing I remember is "waking up" and then being at a big table filled with my whole family. My little uncle was there, and I still had some left-over feelings of hatred towards him, but I questioned it. I was like "Hold on, Cammy, you were in my dream last night. So weird..." and in realizing the whole feud was just a dream, I let go of the feelings of hatred and competition and just enjoyed the time with my family.

    Then the scene changed again, I was back with the van. But my friend was gone. It was just me and my sister. But we were trying to find a spot where my friend could find us, because we knew that my friend was in her own car and would be trying to find us by now. So we parked down this little dirt path on a hill and walked about to find an ideal spot to stand and wait.

    Really weird. I had a dream within a dream.

    And yesterday, some repressed emotions about my family came to the surface, and I feel that this dream was reflecting that. But all my negative emotions towards my family got directed completely towards my little uncle. And I feel bad about that. The poor soul, he hasn't done me any wrong AT ALL in life. But I think my mind was using him as a way to mirror my unnecessarily harsh feelings towards my family, back to me. Basically showing me that I've been overthinking the whole thing with my family.

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