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    First LD in Ages - Morning of 28th July 2011

    by , 07-28-2011 at 04:24 PM (1024 Views)
    It's been a fairly long time since I had a Lucid Dream. So this was pretty awesome for me.

    So, I was in a non-lucid dream first. It had this group of people, the only one I remember the name of was "Sonic". I think Sonic was a girl, although for some strange reason, it was in my head that it was sonic the hedgehog. I'm pretty sure there is a reason behind that, but I can't remember.
    We were at a big table in the middle of a city, outside. There were sort of bushes around us, so it wasn't easy to see in at us.

    I then woke up. I was lying there very still, and I then realized that I had the opportunity to DEILD.
    My normal method would be to repeat to myself something like "I'm going into a dream, I'm going into a dream" or something. But for some weird reason, I did that as well as singing the intro to the song "Darkness" by Disturbed. It did help my concentration and focus, and I wish I could say that was the reason I did it, but there was no logic behind me doing that.

    And then I went back into the dream, lucidly. Everything around me was the same as before. I then convinced the dream characters that it was a dream. I obviously wasn't thinking straight, because I saw them as real people that I knew from real life, and that it was a shared dream.

    Anyways, to convince them that it was indeed a dream, I went to show off my powers.
    I turned towards the building behind us, it was a big sky-scraper, kind of like the Empire State Building. I took a breath and prepared my mind for doing some awesome power stuff.
    I then lifted my arms in a sort of motion that suggested I was doing some telekinesis to lift something heavy up from far away.
    Water started to rise up the building very fast and it exploded out the windows and wrecked the building.
    The funny thing is, my aim in that was to do it so fast that the water reaches the top, and a woman was to fly out and land on the table next to us. I believe I was aiming for the wife of one of the people with me.
    It's very hard to describe what it actually looked like when I did this, but it was truly amazing, and the feeling of power was awesome.
    But I was only able to get the water about half way up the building before it felt too heavy to handle. So the water slowed down and then came crashing down.
    It was very strange, because it felt like I was properly using my muscles and stuff. It was so realistic.

    So, I prepared my mind for it again, I convinced myself that it is weightless and that I don't need to strain myself to do it. So I did it again, and it took barely any effort to push the water the full way up. (I didn't blast the woman out of the building though )
    And although it didn't take much effort, I could still feel my muscles and mind doing the stuff. So there was still realism there.

    Then I woke up, I think. I moved a little bit, but I tried to DEILD-chain it anyways. And it worked.

    So I was back at the table. I don't remember much of what happened at this point. Probably just boring stuff talking to the people. And in fact I think at some people I woke up again and DEILD-chained back in again. I don't remember anything now except talking to people randomly about shared dreaming and stuff.

    All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the dream. That telekinesis was awesome, and it felt great to be lucid again generally.

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    1. Matte87's Avatar
      Awesome slash! Congratulations on you getting lucid again