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    Morning of June 28th 2010

    by , 06-28-2010 at 06:07 PM (1345 Views)
    So, this morning, I has a pretty awesome dream. I did in fact become lucid in it, for the first time in a long while.

    The first I remember of the dream was that there was a bunch of DV members, and we were racing through the sky, flying. I know there was more before that lead up to this, but I just cannot remember. The people who I remember were definitely there, was Tyler and DuB, and I think ninja too. There was a load more, at least 5 or 6 more, but I don't remember who they were. So, we were flying in the sky, and below us was the weirdest sight ever. The ground was like made of huge 2D squares, some higher and some lower. So the ground wasn't all connected together, it was really weird. It was also kind of blue-ish. I think it was part sea, and part land. Very strange thing to see.

    We came up to a wooden building in the sky, where we took a break (The race wasn't competitive, just a little bit of fun), and some of us were just playing around out side, flying around the building, etc. And then one of the DV members, possibly DuB pushed me, and I started to fall to the ground, and I couldn't fly back up.

    Then, as I was falling, I had the strangest sudden realisation it was a dream. I just kinda went "wait, THIS IS A DREAM OMG" and then I instantly flew back up to the building where everyone was.
    I started jumping around all excited. I'm surprised I didn't wake up, actually. But, I did actually say to myself while I was jumping about, "Ah, I'm gunna wake up at this rate", so I calmed it down a bit. I was still excited though. So I ran around happy, and I told everyone that it is a dream. I started flying around too, shouting at everyone, going "Guy's it's a fucking dream, do a fucking reality check"
    Then one by one, each of them started to do their reality checks, and they all "became lucid" too.
    At the time, I was slightly deluded, and I thought they were all the real people (i.e. Dream sharing) But I don't think it was a shared dream.

    We all started to show off all our skills. One of them did a back flip or something while flying. Then I went "Hah, that's nothing", and I stood straight up, and the Iron Man suit (Iron Man suit is practically my signature style in LDs) started to go on me, like in Iron Man 2 where he puts the case down and stands on it, and the suit goes on him. Like this:

    I felt so awesome while doing that. Then I flew up a bit, to show off my thrusters, etc. Then dropped back down. Then I think someone else put on an Iron Man suit.

    My memory is getting a bit fuzzy at this point, but I know there wasn't much left of the dream before I woke up.
    The little wooden building turned into a house, where we all lived. (I guess I lost control of the situation. But I was still lucid)
    And I remember that Tyler was sick, or something, so he was lying in bed.

    And that is really all I remember. Some other stuff happened in Tyler's room, like flying around or something, but I don't remember well enough to say.

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