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    Plenty of Kissing

    by , 03-25-2018 at 08:37 PM (196 Views)
    I was in a bar with some friends. I turned around and saw a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, sitting at a table about 5 feet away and she was looking at me. I locked eyes with her.
    I could tell she wanted me to come and talk to her (which is weird because in waking life, I am terrible at recognizing flirtations) so I walked up to her.
    She looked at me all seductive like, and said, "So... wanna get out of here and..."
    I scanned my mind for the best way to say "yes", but nothing came to mind. Instead, I softly touched her leg which was dressed in black mesh tights. She smiled, so I knew I hadn't stepped out of line.
    I continued to stroke her leg and I leaned in for a kiss. We kissed. It was so good.

    I woke up. I really wanted to jump back into the dream, perhaps with DEILD, especially since I was conscious enough that I hadn't moved or opened my eyes.
    But I wanted to test out my "WBTB Lucid Dream Reminder Track" that I created, which has my own voice reminding me "this is a dream" over and over. So I picked up my phone, switched on the unlisted YouTube video on my phone, and laid back down.
    It took me a while to get back to sleep, but I remained still because I knew I would fall back asleep.

    Next thing I know, I'm driving my old, first car (black Ford Ka, little dinky thing). I had some of my old school friends (Craig, Alan and Ben) in the car with me.
    We drove into this big car park for what looked like some sort of shopping center.
    However it was not a shopping center. It was a big building full of games.
    We chose a time to meet back at the car, then we went in and we were each given a circular badge (I think with our names on them).

    The first game I remember playing was half indoors and half outdoors. We were running round some sort of cool obstacle course. There was more details to the game but I can't remember.

    The next thing I remember is finding an indoor game, held in what seemed a bit like a Gym hall from school. I stood and watched while people were split into teams, each team with a different colour vest. And it seemed the game had something to do with pushing trolleys about.

    I decided I wanted to give it a go, so I walked in and the yellow team claimed me. I got given a yellow vest and was pointed towards the yellow team.
    I was trying to speak, but it felt like I was clenching my jaw so tightly that I couldn't speak. This was definitely REM ationia shining through.
    I grabbed a trolley, and I met a young woman with blonde hair in my team (but not the same girl from the previous dream).
    I played the game, but I cannot remember how it went.

    Next thing I remember is being back in the main bit of the huge building, again it felt like a shopping center.
    I met the blonde girl again. I can't remember how it happened, but we ended up kissing. Again, so good.
    Then we ended up split apart, but we were still talking, through our badges which had a microphone and speaker in them.
    We met again a few times, each time we would start kissing, and each time it was amazing.

    The way we were talking, it felt like we were going to end up in a relationship.

    Next thing I remember is I had two badges, and I stuck them on my ears. In one badge, I was talking to the girl. In the other badge, I was talking to a school friend so I wouldn't forget that I have people to give a ride home.

    Next thing I remember is being inside the building, near the front entrance, and I went into a section which seemed like a hospital. I got lost trying to get back out, and the doctors and nurses were complaining about my presence. Eventually I found my way out.

    Then I remember getting a slush puppy and meeting the blonde girl again. We kissed some more. Then split up again.
    I was pretty excited that I had met a girl. But I kept reminding myself that I've got friends here and they need a lift home soon.

    I went outside to see if anyone was at the car yet. As soon as I walked outside I saw two people from my school (but not the ones who came with me). In real life, these two have been an item since high school and they are still together and doing well. So what I saw really surprised me. They were shouting and balling at each other.

    I walked past them, feeling quite awkward, and I saw other people from school watching them.

    I don't remember what happened next, the next thing I remember is finding out that the girl I had been kissing, is not going to have a relationship with me.
    I remember walking out of the center with my friends, and beside me was Bernadette from Big Bang Theory (except she was my age, it felt like she was an old school friend).
    Bernadette said, "Sorry it didn't work out..."
    I replied, "Ach it's fine. I've dropped the whole idea of getting a girlfriend so things like this don't hurt me anymore."

    Then I remember me and my friends, and a whole bunch of other people, running out of the building and down the side of the car park. It felt like Mario Kart, it was so chaotic.
    We reached this big mound of grass, like a small hill. We ran up the mound and flew off it, as if we just jumped a ramp in a car. It was really fun, flying through the air, then crashing into the ground and people were toppling on top of each other. Then we got up and started running back the way and continued the "race".

    And I think that is the point I woke up.
    My phone has this stupid Whatsapp reminder that pops up and it causes YouTube to stop playing before my voice even kicks in, so I now know why this damn "Reminder Track" hasn't been working.

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