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    Whoa there doggy!

    by , 03-10-2018 at 03:26 PM (171 Views)
    I just want to record this dream fragment.

    There were two guard dogs sitting in what looked like a place you'd keep sheep (a pen?). Two different breeds. I have no idea why they were in a pen because they could jump out easily.
    In fact, one of them did jump out.

    It was a big, dark grey dog. Like this, except a little bit more muscular:

    It jumped on me and easily overpowered me.
    It started biting my face, but it was like play-bites. I was laughing away, like I usually do when dogs give me loads of attention. I loved it.
    All the while, being pinned down by this great big dog, I knew fine well that this beast could chew through my face like butter.

    I think the dog's owner was nearby and wondering why their guard dog has come off of guard duty.

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