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    "Don't go out there...please..."

    by , 06-08-2010 at 10:43 PM (1039 Views)
    This new Dream Journal system seems pretty cool. Time to test it out by posting a couple of my favorite dreams.

    "Don't go out there...please..."

    Now this was a pretty sweet dream, or was it a nightmare?

    Right so, was a girl in this dream. It started off with me and this girl inside this small room. She pointed to a door and told me not to go out there. I didn't ask why. Also, it was set in the future, I say this because there were these little robots. Like cleaning robots and helper robots. They didn't play much of a role though...

    Anyway, we were in this room. After she told me not to leave, we just kind of sat around and talked and read books. That all went by fast though, like in a movie. Then we sat next to each other and we did something (I think I accidentally touched her boob) and then we started to have sex. This also went by fast, and after it was over with I fell asleep inside the dream.

    When I awoke, the door was opened, and she was gone. I looked out the door into a hallway that was made of like bathroom tiles. The only light that was in the hallway was coming from the room I was in. I somehow obtained a flashlight. I wanted to find my female friend, so I turned on my light and headed out. I entered a room that looked like a small kitchen (like the ones in restaurants). The place was a mess. Like someone wrecked it. The place was all grimy and messy.

    Everything was dark and scary, but I kept going forward. Then I heard a small crash behind me. I flung around and there was a small cleaning robot thing that ran into a bucket. I guess it was following me.

    I turned around and looked around the kitchen some more. I turned around and noticed some blood on the walls and floor leading out of the kitchen.

    Unfortunately, I woke up after this. I wanted to find my female friend
    Honestly wish this dream lasted longer.

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