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    I was a catgirl.

    by , 08-15-2010 at 08:41 PM (1341 Views)
    Ok so this was an awesome dream. I was a catgirl. But I wasn't just any ordinary catgirl. I was a catgirl I made up. Her name is Ichigo Chidori.

    Anyway, this is what happened in the dream. Apparently I stole something (Ichigo is a theif of sorts) and I was running from some people (cops probably). We were on some roof tops and there was a giant construction site going on. There was a huge platform with a crane on it (it looked almost like an oil rig, but smaller). I took a running jump and managed to grab onto the crane and swing myself onto the oil rig-like platform. However when I did that, I somehow managed to knock the crane over. So I just kind of stood there and watched it fall over while everyone was scrambling to get away. I was just kind of like "Uhh...oops?"

    Unfortunately that's where my dream pretty much ended. It was fun while it lasted though. I seem to have a lot of dreams of me being the opposite sex though...

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    Tags: catgirl, slayer
    non-lucid , memorable


    1. AHOsoldier's Avatar
      I had a dream. heres how it went:
      I walked into a damned nightclub wit a mother phucking mosberg 500 and shot up every motherphucking "catgirl" in sight. thee end. that was the most fun i ever had in a damned dream. ;) (No offence to YOU, but i kinda hate nekos...:( )
      Updated 02-01-2011 at 11:27 PM by AHOsoldier (oops)