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    1. My Totm: hostile takeover

      by , 11-26-2014 at 03:56 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      (Originally I was going to be fancy and copy paste leaves so there was a pile in my old dream, but that never happened)

      I'm in a random blue room, lucid now. I gear up and start the seige on my neighbor's house. The sunset cought my attention. Normal autumn stuff, but it looked nice. Going back to the mission, I go prone on this hill about 80 feet away from the house. Silent sniping ftw! I'm not really all there anymore, and I kind of thought I'd reward myself by burning my eye using the scope and the sunlight. This somehow created a lot of smoke. The swat team came in and shot me a thousand times. I'm only semi-lucid now, and I matrix dodge. Too bad my dream-self has bad balance. I fall over into the treeline, where there were mass collections of leaves. END
    2. Internet tells me stuff

      by , 02-18-2014 at 02:18 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      So I am going through a roundabout where I have a vision of a website saying something about beleiving the dream will guide itself how you want it. I try this but lose focus for a nanosecond ruining it. Then I was finding a group working for a villian thinking of saving the victims and backstabing. The dream told me I my dc's soul mate ( a totm thing) and I think mine is the same person. Now I just have to ask

      was I right.
    3. Shouldn't be glitching the dream

      by , 01-25-2014 at 10:03 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      My gamecube is glitching, hm... yes! a dream. I want it to be Christmas, to the void. I render myself invisible and backflip through the wall, momentarilly being in the wall (somewhere I shouldn't be *smerk*). This is my time transportation method totm aside. I am outside. My dad parks his car asking me to get in and, as per usual, I get ditched. This happens so much I can psychically detect when I will be ditched or thrown into freefall and use those psycho powers as a way of gaining lucidity.
      I get into an argument THE END

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    4. Fake shared dreaming experience

      by , 12-29-2013 at 07:37 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      I was done with most of a test when it asked why some random video game character didn't use both hands to lift heavy objects. most everyone was chatting about how he had superpowers when I remembered he was born in a superpower family, no superpowers for himself. About two seconds away from the time limit I remember the answer: he never puts his weapon away. Then my History teacher said "the final answer was Weapon"

      (waking)Earlier in the month I had this:
      I somehow plugged myself into a magical program that ran off of my computer that let me plug into a shared dreaming server. The hub room was made out out birch wood planks straight out of the default Minecraft resource pack. It started out in a crowded square room with slabbed off windows also very Minecrafty. It apperared people could buy classes from a shop run by my friend. So I bought the exploration class.It was a buetiful network. There were stairs from the entrance foyer to four warp points. I went into the purple one first. It was a zombie infested carnival with a purple path along which my group and I walked through. I knew but knew not how I knew there was a Captain America shield. Now here is where all the video games enter my dreams. I had the Captain America shield (okay that's a movie but I think there is a game for that, but I have not seem more than two seconds of gameplay) that I used to easily block the attacks coming from a blob monster out of Epic Mickey and counter with my Wolverine claws. Oh and the Captain America shield popped up in my square-divided bar that looks like it came out of Minecraft as well after I noticed a white box showing me the shield and naming it. That design also happens to come from a game. I won the fight but my avatar was a bit tired so the whole crew headed back. actually now that I think I magically just took another warp without thinking about it magically The next level was controlled with a 360 controller where you press the back button to stop moving along a predetermined path. It felt ripped straight out of a storybook sonic level. Wow another game. The controls were absolute shit on cheese filled buttermilk buiscuits. Yeah I thought another game (review) reference could be fun. Anyways after slogging through that mess I entered my own house which just happened to be a level. I went upstairs and saved a supposedly-super-evil demon. Anyways he was actually quite nice for a second. He then told me to "run from the beam," so I did. I got out of my corridor which was twice as long as it normally is.I asked
      "What happened?" to my friend running the class station
      so we both flew up to the hub which was warp-able via the ceiling of a bathroom in my house. I started wondering when I would wake up and had trouble putting the thought away.
      My dreams usually last about five minutes and this one lasted half of an hour. I started getting worried if I looked like a video game character but nobody paid attention to me so I assumed I was fine. Then I saw a white light fill the middle of my vision and wake.