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    My smashed up joy ride of dreaming

    Shouldn't be glitching the dream

    by , 01-25-2014 at 10:03 PM (440 Views)
    My gamecube is glitching, hm... yes! a dream. I want it to be Christmas, to the void. I render myself invisible and backflip through the wall, momentarilly being in the wall (somewhere I shouldn't be *smerk*). This is my time transportation method totm aside. I am outside. My dad parks his car asking me to get in and, as per usual, I get ditched. This happens so much I can psychically detect when I will be ditched or thrown into freefall and use those psycho powers as a way of gaining lucidity.
    I get into an argument THE END

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    Tags: glitch, psychic, totm
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    1. Jason83's Avatar
      You're mysterious.