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    1. Sort of out of body?

      by , 11-27-2019 at 10:06 AM
      I was lying in a double bed in a large room. Can't remember too many details, but I became vaguely aware that I was dreaming and decided to try to project. For some reason I had a feeling that I was going to get interrupted by my parents and was nervous.
      I fell out of bed (I remember reading about someone feeling as if they had fallen out of bed when they tried to project). I shot out of my body and felt myself floating in the air. I had a strange uncomfortable tingling in my whole body just the same as when I have projected in the past, and I couldn't see anything, again just the same as in the past. This time I said 'Visuals now' and suddenly could see a small metal ball in front of me. I was quite happy with that and started throwing it between my hands.
      My memory is a bit vague but I continues to feel uncomfortable and tingly and was very aware that my body was lying in the bed. i felt myself losing focus and started to rub my hands together which brought me back, but my body continued to feel very uncomfortable.
      Then I was standing at the doorway of my bedroom when I was a child looking out onto the landing. It looked rather dark and a bit different, and I thought to myself that it is what would be expected, and it was just a representation of what I remember things looking like. I looked at the window and decided to try flying out of it. I flew through but couldn't concentrate enough and lost the feeling of flying and all visuals.
      I started to get more uncomfortable, and I think aspects of the dream I came from were affecting me. I was worried my parents would come and disturb me thinking about lying back on the bed and that combined with feeling so tingly made me wake myself up.
      lucid , memorable
    2. after EMDR lucid again x2 !!

      by , 02-08-2018 at 07:35 AM
      Another EMDR session and two lucid dreams last night.

      I was with a patient at home looking at the computer screen and was looking at something that was a bit like my screen at work. I said that's strange I seem to be logged into work. I couldn't read what was on the screen and realised I was dreaming. It didn't feel stable so I reached for the patients leg to feel it (strange!). That didn't work so I jumped straight through the window to go outside where it was dark. I could see the outside of my house which was realistic, the dream still wasn't very stable so I lay down in the grass to feel it, said my name and started to hear a very loud rumbling noise which rapidly became very uncomfortable and I didn't like it and woke myself up, it took a minute after waking for the noise to settle.

      I fell asleep again and was fixing a washing machine, walked outside, I don't know how I became lucid but I think I was reading a menu to someone to prove that I could read in a dream. Then I walked into an underground room but there was a solid door in front of me, I wasn't very lucid at this point. I decided to go upwards to ground level but found myself in blackness- I though this is cool and just enjoyed floating in it, then got out a bag and started throwing things around, they started to make my surroundings appear again. I was in a garden with several cats walking around, I stroked one of them, then decided to look around and improve the lucidity - it started to get very real! I went to a tree to look at the bark and could see incredible detail, I flew up to flowers in a another tree and looked at them and there was so much vibrant colour! I then remembered that I wanted to fly to the sun and said that was what I wanted to do, but changed my mind and decided to look for my father in law (who died 7 years ago) because I wanted to talk to him again. I walked over to where some old people were sitting and was told he was in the village hall. I walked to the village hall (I think I was there just by thinking about it). I asked for more lucidity as things were slipping a bit and things lit up. I found my father in law but it didn't look like him, I couldn't remember exactly what he looked like, so I said it was nice to see you and moved on. I then tried to use my hands to throw fireballs - got some smoke to start with then some fireballs which hit the walls an lit them up. I walked outside ans saw a woman standing on a grassy bank, she started throwing fireballs and said I know what you wanted to show me.

      The longest and most vivid lucid to date. My control is improving.
    3. Lucid again

      by , 01-25-2018 at 07:24 AM
      First lucid for years! I was talking about my first ever lucid dream at an EMDR session today it must have triggered this dream.

      I was at some sort of festival and flew towards a woman who had a stall selling bread, she was packing up and I wanted to ask her when she was opening in the morning so I could get some food early. I was hovering in the air looking down at her and asked her when she opened, she said about 8.30 so I told her I would see her then.

      I suddenly noticed how realistic everything was and realised I was dreaming. I flew outside and saw houses in the distance and concentrated on looking at the details and was completely blown away with how realistic it looked and I thought at last a good lucid dream. I looked in the other direction and saw a tractor and tried to zoom in on the detail but had difficulty, at that point the dream faded.

      I was then dreaming again (not sure low long after) and suddenly noticed I could see really clearly again. I was in a hotel corridor and remembered to try feeling something so I put my hands on the wallpaper, it was that fluffy sort, my fingers went through, so I willed them not to and felt it, it was very realistic. A girl waked past me and I spoke to her I can't remember what I said but she replied in gibberish. I then thought I don't know what to do, I went into a room and decided to try to go through the window which I did by imagining what was outside - thought is everything in a dream! I flew over some houses and down a street, then got a bit bored and couldn't think what to do next, lost concentration and woke up.

      Not the most exciting dream but it was my best and most realistic lucid ever to date. I really need to get a plan in case I get lucid again - perhaps flying into space.
    4. 15/9/17 Lucid

      by , 09-15-2017 at 08:34 PM
      It's been a long time since my last lucid dream. I've been trying to get lucid again in a very relaxed half-hearted way for the last few weeks.

      Last night I had an unexpected lucid dream that must have lasted 15 minutes or more. I found it really enjoyable and woke feeling grateful for the experience because I have never had anything like it before, and now I feel like I have experienced a true lucid dream.

      I'm not sure how I got lucid. I was flying and realised that I could change how fast I was flying, no great ah-ha moment just the realisation that I was lucid. Nothing too amazing, but a relaxed waking within the dream, and an enjoyment of the flying experience. I made myself fly faster and faster over a futuristic city landscape, then flew higher up into the air. I've left it too long before writing this down so I can't remember much after that until the final scene.

      I was in a room and decided to climb out of the window to get onto the ledge. I looked down and it was a blank canvas, tried to 'imagine' a deep ravine with a river at the bottom because I wanted to jump into it, but I couldn't get an image forming. I gave up and jumped anyway free falling down. Next thing I landed on a grassy field. There was a woman lying next to me... anyway I decided it was time to wake up then.

      An interesting experience.
    5. 6/2/2017

      by , 02-06-2017 at 08:28 AM
      1) I found myself climbing up a steep slope with a team of a few others, I was holding onto undergrowth and powering up. A few overtook me on mountain bikes. We were heading up to the top of the hill to fly an aerobatic plane, we stopped for a break in a hut and I realised that I hate flying so I went over to the pilot and asked if he could take it gently to start with and just do a few rolls.
      I noticed someone dressed in a green paramedic suit but it covered his face as well, he started to explain to everyone that it had been put on inside out so he couldn't open up the top so his face was covered.

      2) I was at a strange party and a girl was counting out invites saying not many people had turned up but the pile was enormous so I told her it looked good to me.
    6. 31/1/2017

      by , 01-31-2017 at 07:43 AM
      At last after three nights of remembering nothing I have remembered some dream fragments!!

      1) I was on a beach, I remember walking down a path towards the beach over the sand. Then I remember being stood near the beach looking at a fence and hedgrows and thinking this was a classic English beach scene. Next I was looking at a beach hut, someone was in part of it talking to an estate agent about buying a beach hut.

      2) I was in an old lady's house I had to strip all the wiring from the wall going to the TV and phone so it could be replaced. I remember removing a few specific bits of wiring and eventually being able to remove the phone. My dead father in law was there advising me as to which wire to remove, he said he was having some difficulty cutting one wire but I manged to do it. I was then outside leading the old lady back into her house, I almost went into the wrong door.

      3) I parked my car near some doors it needed a jump start. I was going to break into someone's house to connect to there electricity but decided against it.

      4) Vague memory of another dream, nothing specific though.

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    7. 26/1/2017

      by , 01-26-2017 at 07:56 AM
      The dog woke me up and needed attention so i couldn't write my journal quickly, no surprise I have forgotten a lot already.

      1) I had to move a car to a carpark for some reason, I then went back out into the street and found another car parked across the road and had to move that one to the same carpark. I told someone to tell the owner if they wanted it back it was in the carpark. Some vague memory of sitting just outside the carpark eating a cake, and having to return to a ?hotel next door.

      2) Really odd dream about cuttung a large piece of board and explaining how I made the cut line straight, then putting the pieces of board outside in a garage.
    8. 25/1/2017

      by , 01-25-2017 at 09:29 AM
      1) I am duty doctor and on a home visit. I visit a woman at home, she mentions her son is a bit depressed so I speak to him, then I am told I need to see the daughter as well - she is getting dressed in her bedroom so I have to sit and wait for her. She comes out in a dressing gown and I have to examine her, I accidentally touch her breast whilst examining her and she tells that I shouldn't have done that and I get worried in case she complains about me.
      I go outside to my car and realise I have already spent several hours doing this one visit and I need to get back to surgery. I put my bag in the back of a car, talk to someone, then go to my car and realise I put my bag in the back of someone else's car. I walk around trying to find which car I put my bag in but disturb a couple in a car by accident.
      For some reason I have to go back in the house. I am sat down and lots of people I recognise keep walking into the room, and I presume they all live at this house. Then I am given a piece of cake and I say 'you certainly look after me here' but I'm actually starting to get very worried that I should be back at the surgery.

      2) In surgery. I'm looking around for a special type of envelope. I come back to the filing area and someone has installed lots of expensive new filing cabinets and I wonder why since we are under such financial pressure when the old ones were perfectly good.
    9. 24/1/2017

      by , 01-24-2017 at 11:29 PM
      Left it too late to remember most dreams from last night.

      1) Driving along a snow covered road. Dodging bullets flying at the car.

      2) Inside a house, with a few friends. All wearing thick coats and ruck sacks, we were off exploring walking down corridors, can't remember much else.
    10. 23/1/17

      by , 01-23-2017 at 08:29 AM
      Starting a dream journal again. Yesterday I remembered nothing. Today small fragments.

      1) Riding a motorbike, started up an incline, it was very muddyand the motorbike wouldn't get any grip, the engine was n't working, so I had to come down.

      2) On a ward, looking for notes in the trolley.

      3) Sitting in a hospital bed. I started to pull the curtain around but it wouldn't go all the way
    11. 19/10/2016

      by , 10-19-2016 at 07:21 AM
      Fantastic night of dreams. Really vivid and I remembered most of them without even trying.

      1) On an old road on a moor. There was the sound of drums beating in the distance and I knew there was a re-enactment of a Celtic march happening, I turned around and met it on the road. I can't remember how I then ended up in a hotel - I was with my family and we were having a meal, for some reason I was on another table. I was served fish pie with vegetables. It tasted incredibly good.
      Then I was on my own and I had to go and pay for my meal at the reception desk. there was a queue and I waited forever. Just as it was my turn someone walked into the hotel and got seen before me so I had to wait even longer. I then paid and the woman asked me if she had given me the leftovers, she walked off to get them for me and I followed her to try to tell her that there weren't any. I lost her. I went back to the desk and a man, who was the manager was sitting on the reception desk. Somehow I got into a (very friendly) arguament about who works the longest hours. The I was stood by the front door of the hotel and a wedding party was arriving, but it was pouring with rain outside. I set of back to my car which I remember parking a long way off. It wasn't there so I walked further and then I was on an odd road with trams coming past me I was walking along a narrow ridge on the edge of the road trying to avoid them. A tiny blue car was in the queue of trams and I recognised it as my other car - the door was open and it was an automatically driven car so I got into it. It took me back to the hotel.
      I was stood in a corridor at the bottom the stairs. My grandmother walked past and told me to look after a very elderly couple who were coming down the stairs. A very old lady came down but she was very loud and dressed very strangely wearing nothing above the waist, shouting and waving her arms around in a very excited way, she seemed to be heading into the hotel so I ignored her and walked off.
      I wanted to find a toilet and I had a memory that one of my children had gone in through a door on my right. I went in through it and found myself in a luxury hotel room suite, I realised I shouldn't be in there but it was too late I heard someone letting 2 very important men into the room, I heard that one was a sultan. I looked to escape through a window but I was too high. I heard one of the men come into the room so I hid behind the door and knelt down, then tried to crawl out hoping he wouldn't see me. He did see me so I pretended to be drunk. His friend started insulting me calling me an American drunk. I woke up then.

      2) In a large room there was a film being shown. I comented on how good the projector was because the image was bright and crisp. I moved up to where the projector was. Not sure how the dream progressed to this but I started talking to someone I really fancied - she reminded me of someone I used to fancy years ago. Before I knew it we were kissing and it was really good! She commented how much she liked my tongue in her mouth which was a real turn on for me. Somehow we were then lying in bed kissing . Unfortunately the dream ended there!

      3) I was watching someone trying to teach how to play Everlong by the Foo Fighters. It didn't sound anything like it.

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    12. 7/10/2016

      by , 10-07-2016 at 06:34 AM
      1) Watching someone wearing some amazing new shoe (it was like watching an advert) slide down some mud, the shoe was being used like a ski, the camera panned in close to the shoe to show how amazing it was. Then the man ran towards his motorbike and set off on it. He was going very fast and I watched as he rode off.

      2) At a new educational centre - it was being built. I was carrying a long strip light inside the building, I walked through a doorway that had the long strips of plastic hanging down being careful with the striplight. Everything was being built very fast and I could see several alrge rooms, one was all about cookery, the next one was IT. Then I was in the building with my children and it had been completed - my daughter was in the IT area playing with computers.
      Next I was sat in a chair controlling a video camera that was on a long boom, I was watching pictures of the IT area looking down on it. I zoomed in to find someone. Then I brought the camera back down and realised that I had not taken the lens cap off properly. I cleaned the lens with a tissue.

      3) At a table with 2 men they were talking about martial arts and how they could train me.
    13. 3/10/2016

      by , 10-03-2016 at 07:27 AM
      And more SEA!!
      Lots of fragments this morning.

      1) Standing by a harbour. It was grey and dark. I saw houses on the other side of the harbour and thought how nice it would be to be able to moor a boat outside your own house and sail away at any time. I saw letters for the houses next to me lying on the ground.

      2) Someone's mother was decorating in a room. I wanted to go in there I was stood in the corridor outside and I started to clean around the walls hoovering up building dust and cobwebs.

      3) Looking at a laptop, it was quite high tech. I downloaded some books as I was going on a space mission and I wanted to make sure I had the correct manuals with me in case something went wrong. I pressed a button on the side of the laptop to make the display black and white to save on power.

      4) Woke up in someone's house, talking to him. We were discussing paintballing. I girl came and kissed me on the lips, she was quite young so I didn't think it was appropriate and pulled away.

      5) Driving a minibus with children back to someone's house. They lived in the middle of a forest. I was talking to the mother, they were all her children. She was talking about changing the name of her house again so that she could claim as much benefits as possible, and that made it easier to fool the system. I started walking away then wondered if I should be leaving the minibus there, and decided I couldn't be bothered to go back.
      Tags: sea
    14. 2/10/2016

      by , 10-02-2016 at 08:11 AM
      Another night dreaming about the sea! (last week it was cats)

      1) I think I was on holiday. I was in a queue, in my car to start with, then on foot, in a seaside town, queuing to get to the sea to go surfing. there were some children behind me, as we reached the sea they pushed past me in the queue, but I let it go. I could see the sea in the distance.
      The sea then became a small indoor pool. It had just opened and we all walked inside. It was actaully mostly a hard indoor surface with a small pool in the corner. Lots of people were finding a spot to settle down. I looked for somewhere to put my towel but it was all wet. I started talking to another man asking where I could go without sitting in a wet area. He atrted explainig to me about the activities on offer and that the surfing was a disaster because the pool was so small and the water was flowing so slowly, so they wouldn't be doing it again today.

      2) Sitting at a table talking to a young man opposite me. One of my old doctor partner was sitting next to me. We were tlaking about smoking roll ups and about what the best tobacco is. I don't smoke. I watched as the doctor next to me rolled up a cigarette as well and I rememberd seeing her smoke once before and I commented on that.
      Then I was walking around somewhere and someone was commenting that I acted as if I am married (I am) but in the dream I was just in a relationship. I was calling my girlfriend 'the wife' and started thinking how I was acting as if I was married.
      Then I was in a room with a glass wall watching a woman talking to my children. They were standing by a pond and going to harvest some of the weeds in the pond. They had laid down a floating path on the pond.

      Tags: sea, water, wife
    15. 1/10/2016

      by , 10-01-2016 at 06:36 AM
      1) I was on a boat with some friends from a very long time ago. They seemed to know what they were doing and moored it by a tree just out from shore. We all got out and walked around, there was a reef just under our feet. Someone went out a bit further and was looking for food. He came back and poured a red lumpy sauce from somewhere, we tried it and it tasted good.
      Then it seemd that the tide had gone out and the boat was sitting on some rocks and there was a long steep path going down to a town (or something). I was impressed that the boat was moored so accurately. I went down the path, next I remember coming back up it and jumping very high and coming down through the trees back onto the path.

      2) I was in an opperating theatre with a group of medical students we were talking and laughing. A female surgeon came over to us and was looking for a rubber stamp, I had a box full of stamps and gave her the right one. Then I was walking out into a swimming pool, I walked along the edge carrying another rubber stamp which I was looking at. I was going towards a group of medical students that I was going to teach. Someone who I knew years ago said hello to me and told me that he was one of my students.
      Next I was looking around for lunch and wlked into some sort of canteen. I found where lunch had been laid out for my group and it was all meat (I'm vegetarian), everyone else was sitting around the table eating already, so I had to go somewhere in search of the vegetarian option. I found it under a plastic sheet but it wasn't very good, just some packets of crisps and stale bread.

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