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    after EMDR lucid again x2 !!

    by , 02-08-2018 at 07:35 AM (73 Views)
    Another EMDR session and two lucid dreams last night.

    I was with a patient at home looking at the computer screen and was looking at something that was a bit like my screen at work. I said that's strange I seem to be logged into work. I couldn't read what was on the screen and realised I was dreaming. It didn't feel stable so I reached for the patients leg to feel it (strange!). That didn't work so I jumped straight through the window to go outside where it was dark. I could see the outside of my house which was realistic, the dream still wasn't very stable so I lay down in the grass to feel it, said my name and started to hear a very loud rumbling noise which rapidly became very uncomfortable and I didn't like it and woke myself up, it took a minute after waking for the noise to settle.

    I fell asleep again and was fixing a washing machine, walked outside, I don't know how I became lucid but I think I was reading a menu to someone to prove that I could read in a dream. Then I walked into an underground room but there was a solid door in front of me, I wasn't very lucid at this point. I decided to go upwards to ground level but found myself in blackness- I though this is cool and just enjoyed floating in it, then got out a bag and started throwing things around, they started to make my surroundings appear again. I was in a garden with several cats walking around, I stroked one of them, then decided to look around and improve the lucidity - it started to get very real! I went to a tree to look at the bark and could see incredible detail, I flew up to flowers in a another tree and looked at them and there was so much vibrant colour! I then remembered that I wanted to fly to the sun and said that was what I wanted to do, but changed my mind and decided to look for my father in law (who died 7 years ago) because I wanted to talk to him again. I walked over to where some old people were sitting and was told he was in the village hall. I walked to the village hall (I think I was there just by thinking about it). I asked for more lucidity as things were slipping a bit and things lit up. I found my father in law but it didn't look like him, I couldn't remember exactly what he looked like, so I said it was nice to see you and moved on. I then tried to use my hands to throw fireballs - got some smoke to start with then some fireballs which hit the walls an lit them up. I walked outside ans saw a woman standing on a grassy bank, she started throwing fireballs and said I know what you wanted to show me.

    The longest and most vivid lucid to date. My control is improving.

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