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    [01-08-2016] #3rd competition entry

    by , 08-01-2016 at 08:07 AM (268 Views)
    Fallen asleep at 00:46, woke up at 04:00. Tried WBTB, no lucid results.


    It was dark, I was sitting on my bed and thinking about methods of lucid dreaming and that it's possible that I'd have one this night.


    It was winter evening, I was in my house. Brother arrived for a short while to take socks out of a drawer and drive back to his house. He asked me if I'm going with him. I accepted and entered the car. We drove to a city, he went out and I was waiting for him in the car, playing something on my phone. After a long while he came back with his wife, they were arguing about something. Brother didn't wanted to go anywhere with me, so he decided to drive me back home. I left his car and we went on foot to car of his wife, where my mother and my friend that just drove back from England were waiting. Suddenly a terrible flu got me, we entered the car and drove away.

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