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    [02-11-2016: Alien]

    by , 11-02-2016 at 04:43 PM (277 Views)
    Failed WBTB

    It was a warm summer evening. The sky and clouds were reddish in lower parts. With someone I was waiting just outside my house. A priest came to my frontyard and made people a confession. I entered my house and saw my maths teacher, who turned into my younger sister when I didn't noticed. I came closer to her, but then she turned into an alien and attacked me with green tentacles. She grabbed my hands with these tentacles and tried to push them into her maw, I was struggling with her all the time. I managed to get free and ran outside, only to get back after a while. After more struggles, I reminded myself of some video tape or song recorded on a tape and the alien fallen on the floor, motionless.

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