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    by , 03-17-2016 at 04:23 PM (319 Views)
    It was a cloudy and rainy afternoon. I was in a forest road, driving a car. My sister was a passenger. At first we were in a black Audi car, but then it turned into fiat 125p. Something broke in a car that was blocking whole way. I drove a bit closer and some people appeared and used chain so I could take that car out of way. Suddenly I found myself in my backyard, inside fiat and with Audi chained to my car. I saw a blonde dude from my class coming and then drove to deliver the vehicle to it's new owner.

    On the way I saw a burning flat, and saw that my car turned into a bicycle. I delivered the car and drove back to flats, looking for the arsonist with a police squad. Nobody knew where to look, but then I saw a man in gray jacket suspiciously entering a house. I followed him and he said "Ok you've got me, I am the arsonist. Just don't tell anyone and I'll let you go.". I took a fork out of my pocket and held it like gun. He took it out of my hands, and police squad entered just in time. I disarmed him and took to the police station, to close him in jail. Officers congratulated me for a well done action.

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    1. LanaPhoenixSoul's Avatar
      I totally Lol'd at that part with the fork. I can imagine the arsonist going like 'dude, you wanna fight me with a fork? Seriously? '
    2. Snehk's Avatar
      Can't help but make up this image...