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    by , 02-18-2016 at 11:08 AM (306 Views)
    I was in a city. It was a sunny morning. With a girl from my class we took a bus to school, but suddenly it took a totally different way. We got out of it and saw the correct bus driving and stop nearby. In order to get to it, we had to cross the road. The traffic was terrible, and as I crossed the street I felt weaker. I almost fallen on the road, the bus got away.

    Suddenly I found myself in school, inside a classroom. It was an English lesson with an old, irritating man. When it was over I decided to go outside - out seemed that school is placed inside my house. I met my maths teacher - a black haired woman in later thirties. She told me that she was wrong shouting at me week ago. Then she asked me what's another name for pharmacology specialist. I didn't knew what she was talking about, but I said a pharmacist. She said that I'm right and went away. There was something wrong about her - it wasn't the teacher but her twin. There were two the same women wandering around the school.

    I entered the building. It was a twisted maze of corridors and staircases leading to classrooms. I wandered around, trying to find my class. People on the corridor wanted something from me, but I ignored them. Finally I found the right classroom and had a lesson with that irritating man again. I thought "F***!" and sat near the same girl I met in the bus.

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