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    Snehk's Dreamlands


    by , 04-19-2015 at 10:10 AM (307 Views)
    I was playing a roguelike game, which had an option to turn on 3D graphics mode. I pressed Tab, to check how it worked. With a press of a button all the models and textures appeared. I ran around for a while, just to see if there are any glitches, and there weren't.

    I decided to stop playing and do something another instead, but then my younger sister appeared, and told me that she wants to play it. I started up a new game, set up skills and equipment to highest possible and let her play. I went to drink some tee.

    Next I decided to check how's my sister playing. She wasn't sitting near the PC. I turned around and saw her in a heavy, plate armor, weilding a huge claymore in one hand, and shield in another. The armor was purple, made from some kind of refined ore.

    She tried to attack me. I jumped on my bed, and started to shout incantation of a spell, and then touched her head, as she haven't had helmet. Then I told:

    - I killed us both. It was rain of fire.

    Then I went to the PC, and started playing again. I watched the surroundings while walking the mountain path. I climbed down to a lake, and swam to a huge square in front of a palace surrounded by mountain peaks. I was sneaking, trying to enter the palace. From the entrance I turned right, and went up the stairs.

    There was a corridor, and wooden door in the end. Suddenly a zombie opened the door. I ran out and jumped into a lake. After a while I swam to the surface, and saw a huge undead army running all around. I decided to run inside the palace, dodging around all the zombies.

    Suddenly a trapdoor opened, and I've fallen into an enormous sewer. The stream of stinking water was too strong, and it pushed me down into a deep chasm. I haven't survived it.

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