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    [19-10-2016: Some fragments; heating and departure; kid Tim]

    by , 10-19-2016 at 04:01 PM (474 Views)
    Had kinda strange night, waking up numerous times between all fragments and dreams.

    First fragment

    It was a cold afternoon, I was in school at maths. Teacher called me and gave me some task to do - it was really hard and I didn't even knew where to begin. She said that I'm screwed if I won't be able to do this task at final exams.

    Second fragment

    It was dark night, I was in some park lit by lanterns. I walked on small paved path, coniferous trees all around. There was a little stream with tiny bridge which I walked through to get on the other side of park.

    Heating and Departure

    An evening was coming. My house was on some rocky wasteland, it was considerably changed. The boiler building was turned into a huge steamworks, a factory with enormous furnaces. With father we loaded bags of sawdust using shovels and dropped them into furnaces. We loaded them up so they won't need any additional fuel for month. Then my older sister appeared, driving a gigantic truck modified for moving on extremely hard terrain. It was a truck with some additional railings and hydraulic devices. The railings joined it together with two smaller trucks. Family packed and departed, driving through rocky wastelands and then through desert. I stayed at home to keep watch on everything, but knew that the departure would be longwhile.

    Kid Tim

    It was midnight, there was some grand festival all around, perhaps it was new year's eve. It was really cold but there was no snow. I was on my possession, looking for some kid named Tim. I took my car and drove to city and parked on main square. I wandered around, still looking for that kid. I wasn't quite sure how he looked, I only knew that he looked similar to me when I was a child. After some time without any results I drove back to my possession through backyard gate. There were many people gathered there as for some reason they chosen it as a spot for watching fireworks. My car suddenly broke, I went out of it and looked at it - there were many strange rectangles on it's surface that were lighting up in waves. A police officer came closer and said that I should check papers of my car. He also mentioned that they haven't managed to find that kid Tim.

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