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    [20-10-2016: School outbreak, driving fragment]

    by , 10-20-2016 at 01:06 PM (524 Views)
    School outbreak

    I was in school, it was nearing midnight. There were toxic gases filling the air, with group of classmates we were wearing some protective suits with closed air circulation. We were armed with many different weapons. There was a zombie outbreak due to some bombs shot on the school building. We were wandering around the school in darkness, the place was mostly empty. We entered one classroom and looked through window - there was a last stand of people in a building on the other side of zombie infested street. I told everyone that we have some bottles with air left, but they won't be enough to last a few hours in school, and that we should move on to streets as there's no gas there. Everyone hesitated, as we've seen zombies violently killing survivors on the streets.

    WBTB attempt. Failed.


    I was driving my car, heading towards school. I was going to drive through a railway crossing. It was a cold but sunny morning.

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