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    [22-01-2017: 9th competition night

    by , 01-22-2017 at 11:16 AM (449 Views)
    I saw some underground cavern with small, blue glowing crystals. There was a whole society of intelligent chinchilas. They have gathered in the middle of the cavern. Chinchilla elder had some sack with glowing crystals, all of them were arguing until he made them quiet and said about prophecised end of the world. Suddenly water started gathering in the cavern. I turned into that elder chincilla with crystals. Everyone was escaping, but I decided that it would be for the better if I dive deeper and drown.

    Suddenly I found myself in my home, barricaded. Looking through windows I saw legions of zombies smashing everything on their way and going towards my house. I tried to move from bathroom to kitchen, but there were two zombies in the hallway. I ran past them, but doors to kitchen were barricaded too. Suddenly my sister with grandma opened them and helped me close them so zombies won't get us.

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