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    [22-11-2016: Escape from caverns]

    by , 11-22-2016 at 09:59 PM (236 Views)
    With siblings and friends we were stuck in some dark cavern system deep underground. It was some kind of abandoned mine. We all were desperately trying to find our way back home. In one of the caverns, I found some kittens and took them on my arms. I decided to help them get out of there too. We reached an elevator going to surface and turned it on, but then I realized that my younger sister was left behind, I grabbed rock wall of elevator shaft and dragged the platform down, so she could go with us. When we reached the surface, we were stopped by an enormous barricade, so high that it reached clouds. There was someone stuck on a platform of this barricade, who tried to help us get to the other side. I thought about using lines and some poles to pole-vault up there, but then I looked around and saw that the gate is just open. I ran out through it and thought that this might be a dream. I did a nose plug rc, and woke up.

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