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    by , 02-24-2016 at 09:37 AM (359 Views)
    First dream

    I was inside a bus, my father was driving it for some reason. We were driving through a city, picking up people on the way. I was taking different seats all the time, sitting with different people. In the end there was only me and my father inside it, driving through fields with a plow plugged to the bus.

    Second dream

    I was in a bus (again). It was a school trip to a nuclear power plant. Everyone was arguing all the time, and I was thinking if that trip would be successful. We left the bus and had to follow a road. I recalled this place from previous dreams, and knew where we had to go. I took the lead and we went to buy some tickets. Someone asked where is our destination, I said that I'm not sure, but I knew where the lakes are. We entered a building and went high up stairs. I had troubles walking up these stairs for some reason. Everyone was arguing. (This is where voices from TV turned on nearby added up, and story changed from school trip to student and teacher arguing about a dress that she has bought). I fallen down the stairs, and went outside. My father was waiting there. I said that we have to wait, the trip might not be successful.

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